"Bottling up both the sweet and tart of life's most precious moments. "

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


By 9:00 yesterday morning…. time outs had been had, disobedience was abundant, attitudes (mine included) stunk, selfishness flared, siblings bickered (often), breakfast had been wasted, mommy had yelled, baby cried, girls whined and messes had been made where clean floors were the night before. It was shaping up to be a FANTASTIC day!

So as I my son was screaming as if a morning nap might possibly kill him, and both girls were sitting (whining and crying) on time out and I was copying the days worksheets and preparing to start up lessons for the day with anger and frustration blazing within me…. I stopped!!! And declared………. DO OVER!!!!!!!!
I went into the girls room and said….. “do you want a second chance to start this day off right?” They both replied “yes” (through tears)……. and I said “ME TOO! Let’s go!”

We grabbed Micah who was screaming in his bed, grabbed the keys and diaper bag and got in the car. We went to the 99cent store and mommy drove through Starbucks (always helps), and as we were in the car we talked about how we didn’t get our week off to the best start, the roles we each played in that and how we need to make the decision to have happy hearts, thankful hearts and hearts of service. We prayed together. Went over our Bible verses, while driving….. and ended up having a pleasant shopping trip. When we got home, attitudes were changed! I had girls eager to help carry in bags and put things away, kind words were being spoken, acts of service were happening and even Micah went down easily for a nap. We scrapped our original plan for the day and did Fall crafts that I had planned for later in the week  and when I sat down at the end of the day I could say we had a great day! REALLY!

What a blessing to have the opportunity to choose to re-do and refocus.

Thank you Lord, for the chance to call “Do Over!” Thank you Lord, for 2nd,3rd, and 753rd chances. Thank you for granting us ,in the Nelson household, a clean slate yesterday and allowing us another day to grow closer together and to you.