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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Huntington Library…

Yesterday we made our way to ,first….Glendale. This latest trend of upgraded, fancy shmancy “roach-coaches” has sparked our interest and so with a Saturday at our disposal we set out to chase down the “Buttermilk Waffle” truck. However, (sadly) we were somewhat disappointed… first of all…. they didn’t serve waffles. Ummmmm…… Ya! Kind of misleading! Also the portions were super tiny so we left still hungry. Sad smile (If you know me, you know I don’t do well with tummy grumbles.) The tiny little “red velvet, chocolate chip pancakes” were pretty tasty” but not worth a 45 minute drive. So, sorry “buttermilk waffle guy” we won’t be part of your loyal following, but we won’t hold a grudge… we always love a food adventure!

Josh waiting…. anticipating…. sweating….. Winking smile


After our breakfast we headed over to the The Huntington Library for the rest of our day. My wonderful guy, gave me an early birthday present of a year long membership to The Huntington. So you will be seeing many a picture this year of us enjoying the beautiful grounds and events the Library has to offer.

Yesterday we were…. well, HOT. So we kept our exploring and hiking to a minimum. We walked for a bit, sat for while….. and a while longer, took pictures, laughed and giggled,laid in the grass, took off our shoes, enjoyed the shade, breathed in the breeze, and ended it all with refreshing iced teas, sprites and a snack in their café.

Here’s the picture recap:








Daddy and his boy…


The girls were having a blast, rolling in the grass, climbing on each other and of course joking about stinky feet…

Is there anything better than hearing gut laughter from your kids? It’s definitely one of my favorite things…




trying to do piggyback rides…


this is how it kept ending…


capturing the deep-breathe moment after laughing uncontrollably….


Lord: may my girls always adore each other and cherish their relationship. I pray they find reasons to laugh together always.




It was a good day! Like I said, I am sure you will be seeing much more of us at the Huntington this year. Thank you , my dear, wonderful ,amazing hubby

for a fabulous birthday present! Now to celebrate your birthday…. ummm TOMORROW!!!!!


  1. look at you with your professional looking photos...makes me want a new camera something awful! i especially love the picture of micah with his daddy and you with your girls, such a precious family you have!

  2. You are SO inspiring Emily! I LOVE all of the fun adventures your family does! We love the Huntington Library too! But considering Taylor screams in the car every where we go, our photo shoot's gonna be a ways away, but I can be inspired by your's until then! lol ;)