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Friday, September 10, 2010

School is now in session!

Well we started OUR school year this past Wednesday. And since we had such fond memories of our time at Riley's last year we decided to make a repeat visit to get this year started off right! We met some dear friends and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day experiencing history, God’s creation, and breathing in the fresh crisp (almost) Autumn air.

The first thing they have the kids do is pick up apples that have fallen off the trees, that they later press into cider.


Anna with her basket.


This is the part that Rebekah was SOOOO EXCITED for! She remembers playing in the “band” last year and couldn’t wait to be able to do it again! She knew exactly the instrument she would choose and when they asked for volunteers she did not hesitate. And ,of course, Anna is never too far behind in her sister’s trail.


The girls pounding coffee beans…. yep! no coffee grinders….. and even worse NO STARBUCKS!!!!Winking smilePrimitive!




This is the biggest set of Lincoln Logs I have ever seen. The pieces all fit like a puzzle and each of the kids got to help put the logs in place.


Micah was there too…. enjoying my new Moby Wrap. WHERE WAS THIS THING WHEN I HAD MY GIRLS!? I love it! And it makes hoisting my little chunk around so much easier.


Rebekah doing the washing. The girls loved this!


The little man….

Doesn’t that face just make your heart melt? I’ll tell ya,…..I am mush! Smile



Washing apples for cider making.


And then a hay ride through the orchards.



And the next day…. we were hitting the books. I think we were all eager to get back into our routine. Looking forward to a fantastic year!


Rebekah- THE first grader!


Anna- THE big preschooler!


Micah-….. how about ….. Teachers Aide….?


School is officially back in session! Smile


  1. I love it!

    A great way to kick off the year. We have not been there in a while - it is time for a visit!

    Happy school year to you!!!!

  2. You are so inspiring...I was going to message you on FB about homeschooling. It's what we want to do with our girls, but I don't know many people doing it! Sara C said that you are super encouraging with it, and you make it look so adventurous!