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Saturday, September 11, 2010

ship ahoy!

Josh is just full of surprises lately (more to come on that later)… he told me last night that in the morning we would be heading over to Newport Beach for Bristol Farm’s pastries and a morning on the water! What a glorious day!

He scored a great deal with groupon and rented one of those little electric boats for a couple of hours.

The morning started off overcast but soon the clouds lifted to give us a picture perfect day.The sun was shining but the breeze was just cool enough. 

I left feeling very nautical and in the mood to wear something navy blue.Winking smile


Micah matched perfectly with the boat!Smile 


Peet's Coffee and Bristol Farms pastries make these girls smile…. well they didn’t have the coffee, but they were smiling because Mommy had her coffee!


The life jackets were bigger than Anna.


Cinnamon rolls and a glorious view…. good combo!







Both of the girls jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel. I sat there for all of two seconds before I gave the reigns back to Josh. Driving in the open water was a little intimidating for me, I think I prefer the sitting and relaxing part.



I am pretty sure the kids had a great time!


After our little sea voyage came to an end we took the ferry across the harbor


made a stop at Sprinkles for some cupcakes, and went for a picnic along the coast! Smile


a good day… full of blessings…

Thanks to Daddy for taking us on another great adventure!

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