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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A “Green” Halloween…

This year was a little different from years past…. we didn’t have a church event this year and so ,I think, for the first time ever, we went (solely) trick or treating in the neighborhood.

The girls were giddy all day with excitement to get dressed up, to go to grandpa and grandma’s and (the obvious) get some SUGAR!

I, of course, want to show off my cuties but also want to let you in on my costume pride. This year’s costumes were all about reuse, repurpose, and reversing…. so here is a little dissection of my “green” and CHEAP Halloween.


There are my babes….. all dressed up and ready to go….


Anna – Pippi Longstocking…………….. Micah-the sweetest little skunk EVER!………Rebekah- Shirley Temple


Pippi Longstocking….

here is how the costume came together…… Hat- $1.00 from Target! (love those dollar bins!)Her costume is all things she already had just mixed and matched and put together to pull off this totally “Pippi” look! And of course pipe cleaners in the braids


Shirley Temple….

Dress- size 2T worn here by ANNA! – fluffed out by a tutu (already in our dress up bin) Sailor collar-pillow case cut and repurposed…previously worn here as an angel costume… Hat –$1 from Michael’s –Lollipop- printed on photo paper and taped onto a spatula. (Looks mighty tasty though) and tied with ribbon from angel costume. Rebekah was only slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a real lollipop.That same ribbon from the angel costumes was stapled around Bekah’s socks to make them “frilly” Smile. Only thing purchased (besides hat) was the blue ribbon for the tie.



And Mr.”Pepe le Pew” ….

For both of the girls’ first Halloweens they wore this lady bug costume.... 

so it is kind of cool that Micah got to wear it for his first Halloween too. The costume is flipped inside out…. I used the fur from the girls’ angel costumes last year and all I purchased for this costume was one piece of white felt! – 25 cents!!!!!! Smile 

Total costume budget for this year for THREE kids…… $5.25 cents! BOO-YA!





for some reason every house we went to, they gave Micah double the candy they gave the girls…… ummmmmmm he can’t eat it! But…….. mommy can……. Winking smile

He was so excited to hold his candy bin. Smile Sorry little man…. no candy for you.


it was a fun night!


The END……


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time….

What Nelson October would be complete with out our visit (and then blog post) to the pumpkin patch? This year we went with our pals, the Melvin ladies. Smile We had such a beautiful day! Train ride, pumpkin patch and hay maze exploration and then playing and picnic-ing in the park. With the exception of the massive amounts of bees, it was a great Fall day!

the kiddos….


my three…..


Anna was (actually) my only willing photo taker for this shot!


Our “Mr Magoo’s” first trip to the pumpkin patch. Smile


Micah is giving EVERYTHING the taste test, these days! I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! Uggg…..


finding out if leaves and hay are tasty……

they weren’t.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Pumpkin Pie in the World…

…could not be sweeter!










Getting a little craft on today… Pumpkin Beanie…. I would say a success!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am part of that club…..

I can really only think of like 2 people that I know who have a favorite season besides Fall. It seems that Autumn is pretty much everyone’s season of choice, and I have to say I am part of that club. Even though the rest of the U.S. would probably argue that Southern California doesn’t experience Fall truly( I would agree), it is still my favorite.

The reasons for Autumn’s appeal can be pretty obvious, but there is definitely something about this season that inspires traditions and brings thoughts and memories to the surface. Autumn appeals to the senses. The flavors, the smells,  the feel….. love it all.

Here are some of my reasons why…

1. The flavors….. pumpkin, cinnamon 

starbucks pumpkin spice latte

2. The attire…. I am a sweater girl! And thank goodness for sweaters, when all those wonderful fall treats are being consumed!


3. Shopping….I love seeing what all the stores bring out for the season. I am ADORING all the Pottery Barn Kids Fall/ Thanksgiving d├ęcor! Darling!! I also love starting the Christmas shopping hunt…. to find the perfect presents for my kiddos and loved ones. ( Have you started on yours?)

Boat Centerpiece


Felt Leaves Garland

4. The sweet fragrance…. I love Yankee Candles! Cinnamon Stick is my all time favorite! But I love all the smells of the season…. cinnamon, crockpots stewing, firewood crackling, the air after a rainy day…as I type I am steeping cinnamon sticks in water on the stove. The house is smellin divine!

5. Getting all cozy and stuff… (My UGGs have seen a lot more wear than these)

6. Memories… Sweet and precious memories. How fast time flies….





7. Soup….. yep! Any kind! Love it! I made some last night and will probably make some again today…..

8. Slow cookin…. enough said.

Rival 38501-W 5 Quart Round Smart-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker (White)

9. Books….. some of the books we have read so far this fall are….

Cover Image

Cover Image

10. Scarves… love this one, btw.

11. Movies, TV…..it all just seems better this time of the year…..

some of my favorite oldies….

  Road to Avonlea:  The Complete Fourth Volume    DVD

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Watch Online For Free

I remember when I was little, my dad laying on the floor in front of the TV and us all finding a comfortable spot on his tummy or arm and watching all together Charlie Brown “specials” on TV.

This (below) is one of our favorite old Disney cartoons…..


I do love looking forward to “our shows” with new episodes…..

12. Disneyland…… It’s the best! This time of the year!

(last October…. with a little pumpkin on the way)


13.  Home… we always seem to be home more in the Fall months, lots of time reading, learning, crafting, playing, and just living…..I am energized by Fall, the traditions, the coming holidays, the weather, the list goes on…

I love bringing out all the my little pumpkins and leaves, that have been stored all year long. I love getting something new to add to the pieces I already have. I love crafting and making something, or having my kids craft something that we can have for years to come.








14. Reminders…. reminders in the air, through family, through traditions, through time together and through preparing, that we serve and AWESOME and mighty God! Reminders of His blessings and grace.

Daniel 2:21

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.

He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning

Yep! I like Fall!