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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Days, 30 years, Blessings innumerable…..

So I have now ,officially, been in my 30’s for 10 days and so far, so good. (Not that I was expecting anything bad, mind you.)

For my 30th birthday I received a present like no other gift I have ever received. It came in a variety of packages, sizes,places, colors, flavors and ways.It was a 30 day journey started by my husband and I can not even begin to tell you how humbled and blessed I felt by the time October 2nd came around. On September 3rd I was busy getting ready to go to a play day/ pool party, you know…. grabbing things, shoving them in bags, hurry, hurry “we are late”, that kind of thing…. we all got out to the car, I buckled kids in, was slightly perspiring and went to get in my seat and there in the drivers seat of my minivan sat roses and a gift bag with a little picture of me at the age of one! ”WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!”-I thought. I of course, was taken aback, and then… brought to tears when I read the card. It was from my favorite guy and he was letting me know that for my birthday I was to about to receive “30 days of Emily” where every day I would have surprises and acts of love and service to remind me that I am loved from both him as well as friends and family. I was blown AWAY! I immediately called him and the minute I heard his voice…. all that could come to mind while fighting back tears was….. “ I love you.”


I  have posted several things over the last month that showed you some of my sweet adventures… and to say that this last month was a whirlwind of both emotion and activity would be an understatement.I was whisked away, taken by surprise and treated like royalty. Each day awaited me with something new.There were picnics, scones,coffee, pedicures, presents, boat trips, museums,breakfast, lunch and dinner dates,  a spa day, surprise visits, baseball games,girls nights out,ice cream, babysitting, acts of love and loads of fun.

Yes, I received oodles of yummy treats, special packages, day trip adventures, fine dining experiences and pampering. But above all I received time,sweet time and cherished moments, words of encouragement, humbling generosity and  people I love around me. All reminders that GOD IS GOOD and I am so very,very blessed!

Josh (the mastermind) had orchestrated a month of “lovin” from the people I love most. He also had a picture of me for every day.(So on day 14 I got a picture of me AT 14.) I revisited my 30 years, year- by –year. (I was reminded of my awkward phaseWinking smile  )I can’t  tell you how much work he put into the entire surprise, it seemed that there was no end to the surprises and I’ll tell you, not only did I fall more deeply in love with this amazing man God has given me, but it helped me see more clearly the heart of the Lord.


30 days of surprises which was topped off with the GRAND FINALE of surprises! Josh had told me back in July (I think) that he had already reserved a cabin in the mountains for a week in October and that my parents, aunt and sister and brother in law would be there for the weekend portion of the trip….and this would be my birthday celebration! That in itself was an INCREDIBLE present ,to say the least. So ,when the “30 days”- of me came I was doubly blown away….. but did you think Josh would stop there? NOPE!……. So after flying my brother in from Florida (by which I was floored) to come with us for the weekend….. we left on Friday the 1st and caravanned up the mountain to Big Bear. We had a night of games, laughter, and sweet time together as a family. The next morning (the 2nd) I woke up 30! We enjoyed a nice breakfast thanks to my aunt and mom and decided that with the possible chance of rain, that bowling would be a good morning activity. We  bowled…. I STUNK! (I am not kidding….. Anna beat me! ) There was popcorn eating, a little video game playing and lots of me STINKING! (I don’t know why….. I am AWESOME at Wii bowling!)






Then we headed back to the cabin for lunch…….. I walked up the stairs to the front door………. walked in the cabin…….TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS…… and I heard a LOUD…….


It took me a couple of seconds to mentally register and then to get my heart rate back to a normal pace but once I did, I realized that……. Josh had done it yet again! Surprise! The Lees, Rogers, Goyers and Nelsons had taken a windy trip up the mountain to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Wow! Just thinking about it gets me teary….. again.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?!?! It was unreal! 




This is the stinker/ wonderful man that made my 30th unforgettable.


I could not have been more surprised. I think my heart needs several years of NO surprises to recoup.Winking smile


(I will write all about our week in the mountains later. It was perfect and priceless)

So for my 30th birthday my gift came in the most amazing and wonderful package, sometimes there were ribbons and bows but I must say I have never seen any present more creatively packaged and I don’t think I have ever had a birthday so greatly impact me…. it looked like this….


Josh, Rebekah, Anna, Micah, Mom and Dad, Donna and Philip, Aunt Becky,

Will and Riva, Jeff and Valerie, Debbie, Patti,Marikka, Michelle, Andrea, Shanna, Rachel, Janet,

Joy, Luthor and Susie,Shad and Katie,Sara, Julie, Amy, Andy and Nathan!!!!!!

Friends and Family. Perfect!


Thank you to my dear loved ones

who took time out of their busy lives to make me feel so loved.

Thank you for being lights in my life.

I can NEVER doubt the love of Christ or forget His mercy because I see HIS grace so vibrantly raining down in my life through you! You are my precious and priceless treasures.

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  1. WOW!! What a great way to begin a new year! Wonder what he'll do for 40?