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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 specifics….

A day by day record of the BEST birthday gift ever!

Day 1- flowers and annual pass to The Huntington Library

Day 2- Day trip with my family to The Huntington and a sassy Fedora from my guy…. a great day… here!

Day 3- Waking up on a Sunday Morning to Bristol Farms Pastries and Starbucks coffee from Aunt Becky….ummmmm……. yummmm!!!!

Day 4- JOSH’S BIRTHDAY he gave me a gift card to Gap! (something is wrong with that picture)

Day 5- Yummy Frostbites from Donna and Philip! (If you haven’t experienced the goodness of custard and Italian ice together, you must!)

Day 6- Surprise Scones and Coffee from Deb when arriving at Riley’s Farm! Autumn loveliness! …. remember?

Day 7- Dinner with my Dad! Smile (Roy's made for a culinary delight! And one-on-one time with my dad was wonderful!)

Day 8- Kidnapped by Patti and treated to some foot lovin! Pedicure perfection and great company!

Day 9- Boating in Newport Beach with my hubby and kids….. as seen…..here!

Day 10- Family Day @ Angel’s Stadium….. you may remember….this!

Day 11-Peaceful picnic and park date with my mom and kids!

Day 12- Surprise lunch date with Janet! Gotta love Red Robin!

Day 13- Surprise guest Riva bearing Starbucks and gifts!

Day 14- Waking up to a package of sweet smelling bubble bath goodies and chocolate from Andrea.

Day 15- A surprise picnic lunch and treats packed by Michelle, delivered by her and her delightful boys. A sweet time with my kids enjoying said lunch and treats followed.

Day 16- Surprise breakfast date with Katie! We could have talked for hours and hours!

Day 17- A dinner date with my honey!

Day 18- A Burke Williams spa date with my sister for massages and relaxing courtesy of my AMAZING Aunt Becky!!! She also provided the babysitting!!!!All a total surprise!!!! ahhhh……… I am just remembering the relaxing…

Day 19-  Dinner at the park with Luthor and Susie (the in laws) and family and a trip down memory lane! Smile

Day 20- A play date picnic surprise with Julie and Sara! Smile 

Day 21- A gift card from my guy to buy some running shoes (I’ve been wanting)….. got the shoes…… now to start running…..

Day 22- My toes got even more love and pampering and I enjoyed a delightful morning full of conversation with my wonderful sis-in-law, Joy!

Day 23- We were in Palm Springs and I got a sweet package from my friend Marikka. A beautiful book to read with my kids…. one of my absolute favorite things to do!

Day 24- A Starbucks gift card from my in-laws! It will definitely be put to good use!

Day 25- A surprise dinner date with two of the FUNNEST (is that a word?) girls I know!!!! Shanna and Rachel! Laughs and yummy food! Good times!

Day 26- Lunch at Islands with my sweet , beautiful,(and hilarious) cousin Amy! Smile 

Day 27- Dinner at Farrells with our favorite Goyer family! I was having serious Bill and Ted’s flashbacks! Am I the only one that remembers that scene?! It was a really fun night!  I was sung to, there was a drum…. it was loud and   only slightly embarrassing!  So much food and really great ice cream!

Day 28- Special delivery from the east coast! My brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in heaven having all my family here!

Day 29- My cousin Andy aka “Andy Manny”  gave me a gift card to one of my happy places! Micheals! So I can get my craft on! And we also left for Big Bear Lake!

Day 30- My actual birthday! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friends and family at the cabin for a day of celebrating!

whew! what a month! A million thanks doesn’t seem to cover it! It was wonderful!


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  1. I am so glad I finally got to see everything together!

    Josh did a fabulous job and it will be hard for any other husband to equal him!

    You are truly loved, Miss Emily. Truly, truly loved.