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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Julian, CA

Yesterday we made a day trip to a place my family knows well. I remember pretty much annually making a day trip up to Julian, Ca. We had relatives that lived there for some time and our trips growing up were also inspired by Mom’s memories of doing the same thing when she was a kid. So the tradition lives on….

We went with my parents and aunt. The weather was cold! (like in the high 40s at some points! That’s cold, right?) But the sky was clear and it was a completely glorious day!

First stop… Dudley's…. I remember so well, stopping at this bakery and loading up our arms with loaves of fresh baked bread to take home. And that is what we did…. my freezer is stashed with yummy baked goods that we will enjoy for a while. And we got a little something to nibble right away…. THE BEST FRESH CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS EVER!!! Notice the chocolate kissers below….



Evidently some turkeys made it through the Thanksgiving holiday unscathed. We had to stop the car for a group of about 6 wild turkeys crossing the street!


All bundled up and ready to explore the shops and delights of Julian.


Micah’s top teeth have been making their way in for a while now…. ( it seems like forever) but one of those teeth has come much farther than the other. So It seems like we are seeing this look from him a lot… that little tooth hanging over his lip.


We spent a little time walking down the town’s main street.  Stopping at all the old familiar spots…




Julian has a REAL old soda fountain, very fun…. stop in and order a purple cow, or a strawberry phosphate… or of course, a sarsaparilla.


And here are a few pictures of some very excited girls waiting for Grandpa who went to bring them something…..


Can you guess what it is?



( We all giggled a little when seeing Grandpa riding solo down the street in a horse drawn carriage…. ) Winking smile


Grandpa and Grandma treated us to a buggy ride in the country side.What a peaceful ride,looking at beautiful homes and seeing the beautiful colors of the season and enjoying the crisp cool air. Thanks Johnny for the tour! (That’s the horse’s nameWinking smile )


and a picture with Johnny…


And then we enjoyed a picnic. Our leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and Dudley’s bread made for some DELISH day- after- thanksgiving sandwiches!


There was some static in the air….  always makes for a great hair day!


Girls trying to stay warm by cuddling. Smile


Since Micah was a wee babe he has had a “way” of showing mommy his love….. ( and also communicating his hunger) but here he is giving mommy some kisses. Make-up is a lost cause with this little love bug around….. but I will willingly go make up free for these kisses and cuddles.


Picnicking in Julian…. such memories. Making new ones and fondly remembering the old.



  1. This looks like SO much fun! I have never heard of that place before! What awesome memories for you then, and now! Beautiful!

  2. What a fun day! Luke used to love on me just like that...I was just asking him the other day why he didn't do it anymore. ;) I loved those smothering kisses.