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Monday, November 29, 2010

they keep me smiling….

Today was no different than any other day in our house….

My girls are CONSTANT chatter boxes! Let me repeat….. CONSTANT…… wait…… did you get that?…….. CONSTANT…… chatter boxes….. there is even talking in their sleep!  They daily utter things that make us smile, smirk, laugh and giggle…. Here are a few things that came out of their mouths today….. thought I would share. Smile

-Rebekah informed me today as we were driving…”Mommy,when I am done with high school and college I want to have a car just like ours!”

to which I replied “A mini-van?!?” (slightly shocked and very amused)

she quickly responded, very decidedly….. “Yes!! and you know what color? YELLOW! With black stripes and the letters T-A-X-I (she spelt it out) on the side!”

“ That spells taxi, Bekah!Smile” (I said with a laugh)

“I know!!! That’s the kind of car I want!”

“More power to ya, my dear!”Winking smile 

(I am glad she sets her sights high Winking smile)

- Anna ….we were watching a movie as a reward for earning a “flower” on their chart. And there was a “bad guy” or “villain” and Anna kept saying…..

“WOW! Jesus really needs to talk to that guy, doesn’t He,mommy? WOW! Jesus really needs to talk to the guy, doesn’t He Bekah?That man really neeeeeeeeds Jesus!!!”

The fact that it was an animated movie didn’t seem to matter…… THAT man neeeeeeeeded JESUS!

(Anna is on a mission to bring the Gospel to the cartoons of the world!)

- We began reading our “getting ready for Christmas” books today. We have a whole line up of classics and special books on the lesson plans for the next days leading up to the 25th! In addition to planned reading I have a stack of Christmas books that I set on the coffee table for them just to read when they want. So today we were reading “The Twelve Days of Christmas”… after reading through the first several gifts…you know?.. “partridge in a pear tree”,”6 geese-a-laying”, “two turtle doves”, “seven swans-a-swimming”

And Bekah says with her Bekah humor….. “boy! this guy keeps giving his wife a lot of birds! (cue rolling of the eyes) I would be like….ummmmm…… what am I supposed to do with all these birds!!!!ummmmm……..ya…….” We all rolled with laughter. She is so my kid! Slightly cynical, pretty practical, and always up for a joke! I told her I would have thought the same thing if somebody gave me a bunch of birds…..We kept reading and got to the end of the book and she said…..

 “ummmm…… and then he gives her PEOPLE!?!?!WHAT!!!!?????” (like the “maids-a-milking” and “drummers-drumming”)

“This guy does NOT know how to give very good presents! How do you give someone a PERSON for a present!?! You can’t wrap that!”

I was dying!!!!! Tears streaming down my face! Such a good laugh with my girls. Smile

(so just for future reference….. if you are ever in the market to get Bekah a gift…. “swans-a-swimming”and “lords-a-leaping” aren’t high on her want list!)Winking smile

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  1. Heard on tv this morning that if you bought all the items in this song, it would cost $94,800.