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Sunday, November 14, 2010

this soooooo doesn’t count…..

chalk this post up to a slight excuse or  a guilty conscience…. but this is why I say…..“this so doesn’t count”…..

Micah is no baldy…. I love his little do, but he has about 4…. VERY LONG chunks of hair strands. (like 6 inches long when held straight out! ) The “longer” spots are randomly spaced all over his head.


I know that his “first haircut” will be sooner rather than later, but for some reason there is something within my psyche that believes I am supposed to wait until he is a year old for that official first cut. Weird? Maybe…. but both the girls were over a year by their “first cut” and I have NO idea where 1 became the magic age in hair cutting guidelines. I don’t know what I think is the supposed “punishment” for breaking this so called “rule”…. but alas there is something about cutting those baby locks that symbolizes getting older and he is still very much my baby. And so I am stalling… putting it off.

So all of this babble is to say……

this morning about 30 seconds before we walked out the door for church, I told Josh “grab the camera, I am going to cut his hair!”

to which my husband, slightly confused, replied…. “what!?!….. ok……” 

and I did it…. I snipped one of those baby locks……  only one…….. if pulled down in front of his face, it came to his nose! It was buggin me like crazy!


I know…… I am probably the only one that thinks it is sad (well and maybe my mom) ….

but I am making the argument…. that this one didn’t count….. this wasn’t the real thing….. 

really, nothing to report…… right? Winking smile 




See…… it can’t be a REAL hair cut when you use sewing scissors, right?





And now you can continue thinking “Emily is a little crazy.” Don’t worry, I know it…. and I am starting to accept it. Winking smile


  1. what haircut? all I notice are the cute boots!

  2. I would feel the same way. Matthew has the crazy, weirdly long hair in the front and I watch it waving all the time. I keep thinking that I am going to have to cut it but am definitely putting it off as long as I possibly can.