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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All is Merry and Bright!

Outside lights are up and shining. We feel kind of ahead of the game as the last couple of years our lights have made it up….. oh…. a couple of days before Christmas.


Tree is up, decorated, and lit. I think of our tree as a scrapbook of our lives. Each ornament tells a story… or a memory…. from the ones Josh and I had as children, to the ones we have picked up on our travels, or the ones handmade by our girls or the ones we purchase them each year for them.  Every year the tree gets fuller, every year we have more stories to tell. Smile 



Stockings are hung.


And there are a few little extras around the house.


And here are some other things making life Merry and Bright…

Anna showing Micah the “Little People Nativity Set”…


Micah woke up to something new this morning….. A JAIL CELL! Well, it isn’t that bad… but we did get a baby gate that extends the opening of our dining room which also extends to our kitchen ….. no more dog food for you buddy! He has already tasted more than his fair share.


Rebekah likes reading to an audience. Yesterday when she was working on her reading assignment, she was quite bothered that no one seemed to be giving their full attention to her. So I suggested she read to Micah, he wasn’t going anywhere…. she jumped at the chance to have a captive (literally) audience and Micah didn’t seem to mind either.


We are seeing a lot of that little tongue hanging out.


And a few “decorating the tree” photos….



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