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Monday, December 13, 2010

For our Birthday FINALE!

A trip to (the VERY crowded) “Happiest Place on Earth”…

Anna was giddy. She held on tight to one or both of our hands the entire night and was full of smiles. We had such a special night concentrating on just our Anna. She is 4!!!!!! Really?!??!? I will never get over how fast time flies. I told her that 4 is the last birthday she can have…. she has to stay four FOREVER. She didn’t agree. Sad smile

I guess we can’t stop her from growing up, but I vow to soak up every minute and praise the Lord for every second!


So here is our date…

Here she is (literally) skipping with glee, holding the hand of her favorite guy in all the world.


On the carousel.


One one one time inspires silliness…..


….. and sweet smiles.


This was a  great way to cap off a celebration of 4 wonderful years of Anna.


Yep… it was good.


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