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Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like some…




Last Friday we went to a friends house for a gingerbread house making party. There was time with good friends and TONS ( I MEAN TONS) of sugar!

(Too bad my camera died after I took the first 5 pictures of the day)

So this is what I got…..

(A picture of a happy boy…. with his eyes closed and covered in water from the rainy weather we’ve been having. Winking smile)


Rebekah’s house was COVERED with candy gooey-ness! Her face, hands and clothes had traces of sugary frosting and candy….saving it for later maybe?


Anna was quite methodical about her house….. “one on the house, one in my mouth, one on the house, one in my mouth……”

it was serious business.


Ok… this is where I just have to share about the light that went on in my head when my friend revealed her technique for making the “gingerbread” houses……..

She uses milk cartons as the base! And GRAHAM CRACKERS!!!



How is it, that with all my day care, preschool, education, homeschooling, MOPS, play date, VBS, church, Sunday school, craft experience has it NEVER occurred to me to use MILK CARTONS!!!!! It was a “duh” moment for me! Winking smile

Anyways…. I was impressed. Apparently I am the ONLY person in the world who has never made a gingerbread house this way….. but YES, it was way easier than trying to steady and stabilize the walls of gingerbread. And just as cute… I might add.


Micah trying to play with the big boys…. poor Josiah was getting quite frustrated with Micah’s desire to eat the tracks rather than play with the actual train.


Thanks Mrs. Patti and Miss Grace for hosting!

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  1. Milk cartons!!!! Oh my gosh! We always use graham crackers and it's always a struggle getting them to not collapse! Genius for sure!!!