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Sunday, December 26, 2010

pedals, wheels, scoots and smiles…

Trying out those outdoor Christmas presents before anymore rain comes our way…


we are just steps away from the local middle school and so on weekends we like to make use of their wide open parking lot for bike riding, scooter scooting, and now for fun with the Plasma Cars. Smile


Micah is CONSTANTLY chewing on something….

here: a puzzle piece he somehow snuck out of the house.


Anna trying out her 2 wheeler…

The days and weeks after her birthday have been pretty soggy and rainy so she hasn’t been able to use it much.


She likes it though.


Even Mommy tried the Plasma Car… where were these things when I was little?



Micah’s car became the carry all for the girls “stuff. ” And the next chew item of choice was a plastic hot dog.


Sunday afternoon fun!


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