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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rebekah’s Christmas Program

Our homeschooling group’s younger grades (k-4th) put on a Christmas pageant earlier this month. It was a packed house and the kids did a great job.

Rebekah had a dancing part and was a shepherdess…. thus the reason for her outfit. (That’s what the teacher requested… not a mommy choice. Winking smile )

She did a wonderful job and was full of smiles the entire performance. You could definitely see her take a deep sigh of relief once her part was over. Next year she has her sights on a singing a solo part. Smile We shall see….

She is quite  the little performer.


Micah and Grandpa waiting for the show to start!


These aren’t the clearest or best pictures…. but you can see her at least. Winking smile





Rebekah and her “public”…



not all looking…. let’s try it again…


now we aren’t looking at the right camera…. well at least there are smiles all around.



Good job Rebekah Kate. You make us smile! Our hearts delight in seeing you blossom.

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