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Friday, December 31, 2010

saying goodbye and looking forward…


With only hours left before we usher in the new year…

I think…

I remember…

2010 was a year of joy, learning, growing, changing, excitement, praying and seeking.

* The beginning of this year we were full of anticipation for our son Micah’s arrival…and on February 16th we welcomed our beautiful baby boy!

*This year we saw our little man… grow, smile, giggle, sit up, learn to crawl, pull himself up and make each day of holding him and loving him a blessing.

*This year we ended our first year of homeschooling and started our second.

*This year I turned the big 3-0 and said goodbye to my 20’s. Ten years I will forever remember as a decade of beginnings.

*For my kids… this year saw some teeth lost, some teeth gained,inches gained, sizes outgrown,a few colds, mostly healthy days, lessons learned, questions asked… some answered.

*This year our Rebekah started her journey to read. 

*This year… we went on field trips, read books, sang, crafted and created.

*This year our Anna learned how to whistle! (which some adults can’t even say.)

*This year we read and memorized scripture.

*This year there were games played, cookies baked, dollies hugged, and princess dresses worn.

*This year bikes were ridden and swings were swung.

*This year we planted a vegetable garden and reaped the benefits. 

*This year we  made new friends, traveled a little, laughed a lot.

*This year there was simplifying, some organizing, and a lot of reprioritizing.

*This year there were birthday parties, a few weddings, our 9th anniversary and plenty of celebrating.

*This year  our house leaked in some places, but got face lifts in others.

*This year there was praying, thinking, meditating and making decisions.

*This year there was WORK and the rewards of a job…

*This year there was sun, some rain, days of hot! hot! hot! and there were several days of cold too.

*This year we experienced joy, gladness, excitement and absolute glee!

*This year there were some tears, some disappointments, a few scars, a few doctors, a few unknowns…

But this year and every year we saw blessings, peace, and the MIGHTY HAND of our SAVIOR ever present and ever true in our lives.


And so I say goodbye…

goodbye 2010…

…we can go forth into 2011 with anticipation because each second, day and year is held in the hand of the KING…. every minute that has been and is to come…. HE KNOWS.

He is not surprised by a second that passes. He is in CONTROL!

So while we can speculate as to what the year ahead will hold… truly…. “only God knows.”

And because HE IS GOOD… always, and because HE IS CONSTANT, and because HE IS, indeed, GOD….

I can say….

I am excited to see whatever 2011 holds!



Be looking to see JESUS in the 365 days of 2011!

He will be there!

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