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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fancy Shmancy Birthday Party…

Anna was invited to a birthday celebration for her friend Ava this morning. She was over-the-top excited to be invited to a party for just the girls her age. This one was especially fun because it was at a hair salon.

(Just Anna’s cup of tea.)

So we dropped sissy off at Grandma’s (she had a lunch date with Grandma) and we headed out for some beauty time. (Micah came along for the ride Winking smile )

Here Anna is… ready to go!



Ohhh yeah…..…. so nice….. Anna is my one that loves to get her feet rubbed, her back rubbed, and obviously her head rubbed. The stylist said…. “Oh boy, I see a lot of spa days in this little girls future! She is in heaven.”

And she was indeed.

When I asked her if that felt good…

She quickly said, in somewhat of a drowsy tone…. “ya, weally good!”

She was, by the way, the first to hop up in the chair.


After a relaxing wash.


Now for a fancy style.


Look at those pretty curls… (which were completely straight in approximately 5 minutes.) Sad smile


My friend Mina (Ava’s mom) got all the girls little fairy wings, tutus and hair clips. They were adorable.


Anna and the birthday girl Ava.

(p.s. see no more curls.)Winking smile


The girls all dolled up.


And cupcakes finished off the celebration.Anna licked all of the frosting off hers and decided that Micah could have the cake. Winking smile 

So generous.



Anna and her buddies, Ava and Lauren.


This was the first party or ,event really, where it was just kids Anna’s age. She seems different without the older kids around. It was fun to watch her and notice her personality traits.

What a fun morning. My Anna Banana has been on a happy cloud all day. Smile

Thanks Mina and Ava for a fun party!

We love birthdays! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Milk and Cookies…

A peaceful Saturday at home ends with a movie and some milk and cookies.





But we had to, of course, jazz up our cookies to make and extra special treat.

You should try these

Chips Ahoy! Cheesecake Sandwiches

What You Need

4 oz. (1/2 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened

2 Tbsp.  sugar

1 cup thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping

20   CHIPS AHOY! Cookies

1 tub (7 oz.) BAKER'S Milk Chocolate Dipping Chocolate, melted

Make It

BEAT cream cheese and sugar with mixer until well blended. Stir in COOL WHIP.

COVER bottom (flat) side of each of 10 cookies with about 2 Tbsp. cream cheese mixture; top each with second cookie to form sandwich. Dip half of each sandwich in chocolate; gently shake off excess chocolate. Place in single layer in airtight container.

FREEZE 3 hours or until firm.


(I added a teaspoon of vanilla to the cheesecake mixture. And I opted not to dip them in chocolate but roll the sides in sprinkles.)

They were a hit!

And required lots of milk!



Hope you are having a great weekend!

Can’t you just feel the peace?

Five bucks bought me about 25 books at a garage sale this morning… but it also came with a gift with purchase….






Thursday, January 27, 2011

She said…

Anna’s 4th birthday seemed to come with the gift of words. As if she didn’t talk enough before her 4th birthday, it seems like the last month has brought all sorts of new words, discussions, curiosities, and conclusions out of the mouth of our 4 year old babe.

An example from just today…

 This is Anna talking to Rebekah… ( Actually following her around just chatting non-stop.)

“Daddy sure is a good woman. Right, sissy? Don’t you think Daddy is a good woman?”

Rebekah- “Ummmmm, Daddy is not a woman, Anna… he is just a men.” (rolling of the eyes)

Anna –“Oh, well… he’s a good men then.”

(cue… continuation of the following Rebekah around and constant chatting.)


Whatever Daddy is… he is good. Winking smile

bouncing off to…

… sleepy town.

We are borrowing this jumper from friends and Micah must find it pretty soothing… as he just bounced himself to sleep.

night, night Magoo.







what’s in a name?

I mentioned way back before Micah man was born that we were probably needing a new name for the blog.

As of right now I have NOT settled on anything. (To be honest I am drawing a big fat BLANK.)

So if the name of the blog keeps changing, stick with me.

Eventually I will land on something that is..


Monday, January 24, 2011

Disneyland with Grandpa and Grandma!

Yesterday we spent an ENTIRE day at Disney. We enjoyed picture perfect weather at the Magic Kingdom with Grandpa and Grandma Huckabone.

Smiles were had by all. It was a good day. Smile

Micah- happy boy. Really! He is a VERY happy kid.


Anna… enjoying the warm weather.


Yesterday our Rebekah suddenly became a big girl. It was like all of the sudden she was tall enough to ride every ride and of course she was ready to face them all without fear.

Indiana Jones and Space Mountain! YAH!







At the end of the night we had another first….

We saw Disney’s new show…

World of Color.

It was pretty cool. Incredible the technology that goes into making such an event.






A fun day with the folks.

Any day spent together… no matter the location… is…

my favorite kind of day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Grandma’s Birthday!

Today my grandma turned 77! Smile 

We went to visit her in her home and sing her a little birthday song…. bring her a little cake and especially…

bring her lots of smiles.

Our Rebekah has such a nurturing nature. She absolutely DELIGHTS in bringing smiles to the faces of others and great grandma is no exception. She is never stand offish and always is ready to hug and cuddle. The other people who are needing of assistance that live in the home as well seem to get a kick out of the kids being there too. And Rebekah is always willing to get extra hugs from them as well.

I don’t know what the Lord has for Rebekah’s future but I do know that she will do very well in taking care of others. It makes me proud. 


My littler ones had just woke up from naps so they were a tad on the “groggy” side.

But we all came in our party hats ready to say….





Micah was just checking everybody out…. he wasn’t quite sure what to make of everything…. but HEY! he kept his hat on! Smile


Happy 77th Great Grandma! We are glad God made you!

it IS January…right?

Today is January 18th, to be exact…..

Otherwise known as…. Winter….

and this is what my girls are doing with their afternoon.





Weekend doings……

What did you do with your weekend?

We fixed up our master bathroom a bit. (Well I supervised, Josh did most of the fixing up.Winking smile )

It is loud and proud in it’s 1955-ness and since money is not in abundant supply we must do with what we’ve got.

There are still some things needed to finish it off but overall we are pleased with our outcome.

(Chandelier used to be in our room and since our lighting has been upgraded in our room this light fixture got a coat of spray paint and is now hanging in our lu. Winking smile


In my cleaning my room I came across a bag of forgotten fabric that I had purchased quite a while ago. It was in the back of my closet.  oops….

It lead to a late night quick sewing and crocheting session. Crazy? Maybe. But there isn’t a bag of unused fabric in my room anymore and the next morning Micah had a blanket to show for it. 


A solo walk around Target lead to the following 5 minute projects….

I found these on the clearance shelf….hmmm…. what can I do with these?


2 canvases… a little diluted paint and you have art work on the CHEAP …


then I found a set of 4 NAPKINS…. that is right…. Napkins for just over $3.00 as well and decided they were just the right colors for my room. So literally this entire project took 5 minutes! I took me longer to get out my sewing machine than to actually make these pillows. I just  covered two old 18 inch pillow inserts no longer being used and TA-DA!

The dog was quite displeased that I  covered HER chair with pillows. As soon as I was done with my picture she hopped up there and burrowed right into them though.

(p.s. If you are ever wondering which one of my “kids” is the most high maintenance….  a majority of the time I would tell you the dog!….. short in stature, long in length, black in fur, and completely phsyco! )



This weekend there was a lot of home time. A few trips to Home Depot. A breakfast at Chic-fil-a. A quiet trip to Target for mamma. And a dinner with good friends. Three day weekends are the best!