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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fancy Shmancy Birthday Party…

Anna was invited to a birthday celebration for her friend Ava this morning. She was over-the-top excited to be invited to a party for just the girls her age. This one was especially fun because it was at a hair salon.

(Just Anna’s cup of tea.)

So we dropped sissy off at Grandma’s (she had a lunch date with Grandma) and we headed out for some beauty time. (Micah came along for the ride Winking smile )

Here Anna is… ready to go!



Ohhh yeah…..…. so nice….. Anna is my one that loves to get her feet rubbed, her back rubbed, and obviously her head rubbed. The stylist said…. “Oh boy, I see a lot of spa days in this little girls future! She is in heaven.”

And she was indeed.

When I asked her if that felt good…

She quickly said, in somewhat of a drowsy tone…. “ya, weally good!”

She was, by the way, the first to hop up in the chair.


After a relaxing wash.


Now for a fancy style.


Look at those pretty curls… (which were completely straight in approximately 5 minutes.) Sad smile


My friend Mina (Ava’s mom) got all the girls little fairy wings, tutus and hair clips. They were adorable.


Anna and the birthday girl Ava.

(p.s. see no more curls.)Winking smile


The girls all dolled up.


And cupcakes finished off the celebration.Anna licked all of the frosting off hers and decided that Micah could have the cake. Winking smile 

So generous.



Anna and her buddies, Ava and Lauren.


This was the first party or ,event really, where it was just kids Anna’s age. She seems different without the older kids around. It was fun to watch her and notice her personality traits.

What a fun morning. My Anna Banana has been on a happy cloud all day. Smile

Thanks Mina and Ava for a fun party!

We love birthdays! 

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