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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Monday…

…is off to a good start!

This  morning the girls helped me organize my spices and put them all in these beautiful jars, label them and alphabetize them.

You see…

in my mind… I am a well organized person…. in MY REALITY…. well…. not always so organized.

ya… not so much.

“Life” has a tendency to make for a not-so- organized- Emily.

So, when I get things done….I mean REALLY done!…. the way I envision the task to be completed….

well… to quote Martha…. “It’s a good thing.”

A mighty good thing!

It get’s me pumped!

So while this task may be small…it makes me excited to accomplish much this week! Smile 

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week.



  1. as a semi-OCD-trying-to-get-better-at-being- organized-person, this makes ME very excited!
    wherever did you get those cute little jars!?
    love it!

  2. Very impressive! I think my spice drawer consists of cinnamon and garlic salt. Oh and cinnamon sugar! (;

  3. Yes! Where did you get the jars? I desperately need to fix my drawer and new jars that all match would be so nice. :)

  4. I got the jars at the 99cent store 3 for a dollar. I bought 15 dollars worth and 36 fit in the drawer. I did just see them at IKEA though... the same ones 4 for $3. not as cheap as 99cents but still a good deal! :)happy organizing!