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Thursday, January 27, 2011

She said…

Anna’s 4th birthday seemed to come with the gift of words. As if she didn’t talk enough before her 4th birthday, it seems like the last month has brought all sorts of new words, discussions, curiosities, and conclusions out of the mouth of our 4 year old babe.

An example from just today…

 This is Anna talking to Rebekah… ( Actually following her around just chatting non-stop.)

“Daddy sure is a good woman. Right, sissy? Don’t you think Daddy is a good woman?”

Rebekah- “Ummmmm, Daddy is not a woman, Anna… he is just a men.” (rolling of the eyes)

Anna –“Oh, well… he’s a good men then.”

(cue… continuation of the following Rebekah around and constant chatting.)


Whatever Daddy is… he is good. Winking smile

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