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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend doings……

What did you do with your weekend?

We fixed up our master bathroom a bit. (Well I supervised, Josh did most of the fixing up.Winking smile )

It is loud and proud in it’s 1955-ness and since money is not in abundant supply we must do with what we’ve got.

There are still some things needed to finish it off but overall we are pleased with our outcome.

(Chandelier used to be in our room and since our lighting has been upgraded in our room this light fixture got a coat of spray paint and is now hanging in our lu. Winking smile


In my cleaning my room I came across a bag of forgotten fabric that I had purchased quite a while ago. It was in the back of my closet.  oops….

It lead to a late night quick sewing and crocheting session. Crazy? Maybe. But there isn’t a bag of unused fabric in my room anymore and the next morning Micah had a blanket to show for it. 


A solo walk around Target lead to the following 5 minute projects….

I found these on the clearance shelf….hmmm…. what can I do with these?


2 canvases… a little diluted paint and you have art work on the CHEAP …


then I found a set of 4 NAPKINS…. that is right…. Napkins for just over $3.00 as well and decided they were just the right colors for my room. So literally this entire project took 5 minutes! I took me longer to get out my sewing machine than to actually make these pillows. I just  covered two old 18 inch pillow inserts no longer being used and TA-DA!

The dog was quite displeased that I  covered HER chair with pillows. As soon as I was done with my picture she hopped up there and burrowed right into them though.

(p.s. If you are ever wondering which one of my “kids” is the most high maintenance….  a majority of the time I would tell you the dog!….. short in stature, long in length, black in fur, and completely phsyco! )



This weekend there was a lot of home time. A few trips to Home Depot. A breakfast at Chic-fil-a. A quiet trip to Target for mamma. And a dinner with good friends. Three day weekends are the best!

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