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Friday, February 25, 2011

A deep sigh…

This weekend we will be celebrating this beautiful young lady.



This Sunday our Rebekah turns 7!

As each birthday comes, I can’t help but take a big sigh and pause. Our first born is growing faster than I ever thought  possible. It really seems like yesterday we brought our sweet 9lb 5oz bundle home.So much has changed since that day in 2004. I am sure every parent can attest to the bitter-sweetness of watching our children grow and I am no exception. While I can fully say that my heart aches (and it does) as I see how quickly time is passing, I can also say It is a joy, honor ,privilege and just down right fun to watch my little girl blossom. Rebekah is a girl who DELIGHTS in seeing others happy. She is mature beyond her years, but innocent and sweet. She is eager to learn, always up for a conversation (about anything) and LOVES to laugh (often about nothing.) God is forming our little girl into a beautiful little lady and I can only say…” I am humbled beyond words to have a front row seat.”



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