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Monday, February 7, 2011

Emily is…

Back in September Josh and I deleted our Facebook accounts.

(And have not looked back, I might add…very liberating! Anyways… this post isn’t to talk about social networks. )

However, there is something quite gratifying about letting the world know… what you ….. “is”…


Even though it has been, like 5, months since my last status update… there are those moments where I will be in my day and think to myself….

Emily is…

….whatever the case maybe.


And for some reason today when I came along this picture online… it immediately popped into my head……


Emily is…


nuff said………

(p.s. change the woman in the picture to sweat pants and an old flannel shirt and multiply the laundry load by 50 and you have me. Oh and bare feet.)

So there is MY status update.

Hope you are having a good Monday.

Now what was I SUPPOSED to be doing?


  1. OH, girl, that looks like me too. I wish we could hang out together while tackling the 50th load of laundry. You know, the ironing board would be quite comfortable; warm, stable, perfect height for resting.

  2. The photographer is brilliant - no words need to be said!

    And I am sure you look better than she does in your sweats and flannel!

    Miss you and love you,

  3. You crack me up, Miss Em! I think EVERY mother could hang this in her house and totally relate at least once every day. Love it!