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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Micah’s One Year Pictures…

I decided when Anna was a year old that I was pretty much DONE with JcPenney’s portrait studios and portrait studios all together.In Rebekah’s babyhood I was faithfully devoted to the quarterly picture taking at the studio. And then there were two…and….. I was a hot mess every time it was “picture day” trying to keep my princesses pristine. And then trying to get a great shot was all at the mercy of a.) the child and their decision to actually smile and b.) the skill of the person behind the camera (All of course in a 15 minute session). Too stressful. Half of the time I ended up paying for pictures that were not “the best” and often, I left irritated. ( You will have to ask me about  Bekah’s fourth of July pictures… long story) Winking smile I won’t even go into the time you have to wait to start and then see your pictures and then you have to wait again to get the pictures… it’s just all around NOT fun. Right? (sorry if you totally love the experience, I obviously don’t!)

And then I had an epiphany... you can still be a good mother if you don’t take your child to the portrait studio every 3 months. It was very liberating.  And I further realized….

WAIT! I can take pictures myself! Wait! I already do! Wait… that is good enough!

It seems like EVERYONE is a “photographer” these days, I mean EVERYONE! (I have opinions I won’t share Winking smile )

I am NOT! Let me repeat… I am not a “photographer”! I DO, however, have a GREAT camera (something we invested in when we first had kids) and…..

I ADORE……. LOVE…. am addicted to….. taking pictures of MY KIDDOS, my family and capturing our memories.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. No major artistic flair just have the equipment and kids who are ,overall, pretty willing to smile.

So all of that being said… good camera… happy kids… in fun places…. at peace…. not in a portrait studio…. fun times…. making memories…. EQUALS….. GREAT pictures to have for a life time! (Minus crazy stressed out Mommy)

Done and done.

So  Rebekah will have a stack of “professional” pictures…. Anna will have a few…. and Micah…. none. Sorry dude!

And I am pretty sure, since you are currently reading my blog, that you can rest assured I have plenty of documentation of my children growing up.

So here are Micah’s “official” 1 year photos. (Actually 11 months… close enough)

These were taken at Travel Town in LA.(in preparation for his party. We used the last one for the invite. Smile)

The kids.


And now the birthday boy…

They had an ORANGE train car! Only further inspired my party colors. Smile


Can’t believe how fast this year flew by…. or should I say “ chugged “ by.





“Look MOMMY!!!! ROCKS!”


The little Mr.




How old is Micah?

It’s like they put that number there just for us! Winking smile



….. And …now


(I am not kidding… as soon as I snapped this picture, I was jumping up and down. Totally pumped! I think there might have even been a high five with the hubby.Winking smile)


So there you have it.

Wallets were printed. It was all good.

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  1. You do take some amazing pictures! We are looking into making a camera investment, too. What kind do you have? Any suggestions?
    -Christie Murray