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Friday, March 4, 2011

Purty Boxes = Happy Me

I have a serious love of all things “container.” I find myself drawn to anything that can store something….. (possibly more than normal.)

jars, baskets,boxes, canisters, crates, files, bags

Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Sterilite,Ziploc

In wicker, plastic, wood, tin, glass, rubber, cloth, metal, cardboard

new, old

oh… I love it all.

( I can only say that IKEA is especially exciting for me because of this reason.)


With our family expanding on a daily basis, and our house seemingly shrinking on a daily basis, I am on a constant hunt for how to make our square footage work better for us… of course all while still keeping “décor” in mind. Things gotta look good right?Winking smile 

As we all know… life includes “stuff.” I would like to think that I am not one to hoard, but even being the willing and proud “tosser” that I am… we have 3 kids, we’ve been married for almost 10 years, there have been purchases, birthdays, Christmases, hand-me-downs and now… homeschooling… with all of that … we have stuff (or some may say “junk”)! And so the constant battle of organizing, weeding out, compacting, donating,storing, rearranging, minimizing and maximizing… and so forth and so forth.

With Rebekah’s most recent birthday, American Girl further invaded our house. And let’s be honest…this brand is pricey. Fun… but expensive. I wanted something to house all the shoes, tights, bows and dresses so that my girls had no question as to where to put everything away and so that we could attempt to keep our collection in good shape. (possibly for the next generation Winking smile)

Truly this post is about nothing… except my desire to show you these…. ( Sometimes, we stay-at-home moms need to share the little things that make us happy. It breaks up the day. And since I am only getting an unenthusiastic “yah, cool mom” from my girls… I have to show my find to the two people that read my blog out there….. hi! Dad and Mom.)  Winking smile

box1 box2

Pretty fabric lined boxes… that zip and perfectly store all our new accessories..

and even better the dolls fit perfectly in there too! They were meant to be….

oh and they were on clearance! You are reading the rambling words of a happy lady! Smile

I heart Marshalls.

One box for each of the girls “Bitty Twins” sets, one for the new “Rebecca” doll and one for the extras… each in pretty different patterns. Fun, right? …. right?

Thanks for indulging this slightly loony housewife. Happy housekeeping!

Now to find room for the boxes… oy..


  1. i read your blog too! but i get it. i love the stuff to put away the stuff IN!! and what cute boxes! we need some of those around my neck of the woods for all of Sweet Pea's "things".....hmmm

  2. So neat I love containers too! Speaking of being like minded w/some things.. I have the same patterned red fabric, except it's a cover for my ironing board that I got from TJ Maxx on clearance! haha.

  3. P.S. & great idea on trying to keep them for future generations! Bailey now has my Kirsten american doll stuff that my mom had kept of mine from when I was little, I think it truly adds a touch of whimsy to it when there is history behind it for sure!

  4. You are right. We read and re read the blog and are constantly amazed that on this side of eternity we were blessed with cool kids and grandkids. You make us smile over and over again. Keep passing the dream and the Lord to future generations as long as the Lord tarries. Dad

  5. Hey now! I read it ALL the time! ;) BTW. Love the boxes. They are beautiful. Keep up the fun postings. I love getting inspiration from you. Don't be surprised to see Matthew's first birthday party pics. I may or may not copy Micahs!