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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow excited about skiing!

Oh what a day Monday was!


p.s. When you look at the blessings of creation pictured above… How can we doubt the MAGESTY of our Creator!? How can we doubt THERE IS a Creator!?


Josh was on skis at the wee age of 3, which in turn made skiing and eventually snowboarding become a beloved pastime of his throughout his childhood, teen-hood and today. Along with mortgages, work, marriage, and kids… there have been fewer chances, available weekends,(and money) for days on the slope. But it has been a constant desire of Josh’s to get the girls out on skis. It is a hope of his that our kids would love the sport as much as he does.

So Monday was the day!

Our girls skied Badger Pass!

They started with getting pulled around on skis by daddy and then a lesson with a ski instructor. It was truly incredible to see them go from slipping, sliding and falling to literally skiing down the mountain like pros! I was so impressed and proud! Josh was beaming! It was a great day! 

Getting ready to get out there! We had fresh snow fall that morning and actually all day! The mountain looked beautiful!



The pictures of Josh helping Rebekah are hilarious, because off to the side you see Anna. She was rolling, ROLLING, in the snow. She determined that crawling in the snow was easier than walking. It was just so funny to see all these skiers and snowboarders and then there was our pint-sized Anna making snow angels in the middle of everything.




Then it was Anna’s turn to get a little lesson from daddy. Rebekah took to sitting on a nearby bench. Poor thing… her eyes are so sensitive to bright light. She borrowed Micah’s sunglasses… but I think when she told me her forehead hurt at the end of the day it was because of all the squinting.(That’s the price you have to pay for those beautiful light green eyes, I guess.)


On a gushing about my honey side note… I must say that I am in awe of Josh. He is such a gentle teacher. He was patient with our girls, assuring them, encouraging, and reaffirming.




One of the ski instructors had a St. Bernard puppy. This 13 week old babe was the size of a small pony.



Anna seemed to get the hang of it pretty easily. She was in LOVE with her teacher, so Josh tells me, and would have followed any instruction she was given.

Rebekah is a VERY determined little girl.She wants so much to do things well and I have been so proud of her “toughness.” Even with bumps and falls she was determined to get it right. And it paid off for her. At the end of the day she was past the rope pull lift and “Turtle” hill, boarding the chair lift and  skiing down the “Bruin” run all by herself without falling! She was oozing the self-confidence that comes after accomplishing a great task. She is so excited to go again!

Both girls did so well! 



Practicing “Pizza” and “French Fries”


And this is what Mommy and Micah were doing the entire day… TRYING TO STAY WARM! Lots of cuddling,  a little napping (for Micah) and watching from the lodge.  There weren’t masses of people and so it was really quite a peaceful day.





Here is a picture of Josh and Bekah up on the hill. I wish I got one of her actually skiing…. but this was from inside the lodge and it was kind of difficult to fully see if it was INDEED THEM, I was taking a picture of.The snow was starting to come down pretty hard too. Excuses, excuses. Anyways, Josh got a great video… I will post that later.


Anna chose to come in and spend the last hour or so sipping hot chocolate and drying her feet by the heater vent.Winking smile But seriously I was so impressed at the stamina of both of our girls and I was loving seeing Josh’s joy in teaching them.


You will, no doubt be seeing the Nelsons skiing in the future!

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