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Sunday, March 6, 2011

These are the kind of days… I LOVE.

Here are a whole-lot-o pictures of our day yesterday.

Micah got to have a piece of a chocolate doughnut. As you can tell… he didn’t like it at all.Winking smile


Some views from the passenger seat…


We stopped at Bravo Farms Cheese Factory along Hwy 99 to stretch our legs and also just for kicks… there were signs for miles…the suspense and curiosity was driving us crazy..

we just HAD TO stop. Winking smile

It was actually really fun!It was cheese factory, BBQ, petting zoo, farm, store, pool hall, quirky, fun, flea market, country, rock n’ roll, biker, toys, antiques, patriotic, crazy… all rolled into one. Does that help you picture it?

If you knew my grandparents you would have thought of them IMMEDIATELY when you walked into this place. I did.

There were donkeys and goats to feed, cheese to sample (not at the same time) and best of all…. the coolest SIX story tree house you have ever seen. (Actually it’s the only 6 story tree house I have ever seen.)


It was the perfect place for the kids to get out and stretch. I of course heard.. “I wish we had that tree house in our backyard”.. for the remainder of the drive.





then lunch here… Mike's Grill

another Yelp! success.


Bekah enjoyed it.



We got to our hotel for the night… Oakhurst, CA.

And the kids took a dip in the pool. Micah wasn’t a huge fan.




He did however…. LOVE the bath in the sink.



That was our day! Smile

Next….Yosemite….snow…more smiles. 

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  1. Bravo Farms is so fun. I even went in that treehouse although it's a little snug. Looks like you're having a great time.