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Monday, April 25, 2011

How many baskets are there?

Hope you all had a joyous Easter celebrating our RISEN LORD! We did…

Our Easter was extra exciting because we had a little extra surprise for our kids.

Count the baskets…


This was our way to tell the kids that we are expecting our 4th little bundle!

Yep!This Thanksgiving  we will have one more Nelson babe to be thankful for!Smile

God is good. Very good.


Rebekah was pretty quick to put it all together. Anna was excited, but I think equally excited about the chocolate bunny.

Micah was 100% interested in his sister’s candy!



Can you see the little baby bean? That was a couple weeks ago… heading into week 9 now.



A glorious Easter celebrating new life… the new life abundant we receive through Jesus… and the new life we can’t wait to meet in November.

God is good… truly good.


  1. oh goodness!! congrats to you and Josh!! what a wonderful Easter blessing indeed!!

  2. Can I just say I thought you were prego when I saw you yesterday!... I just had a feeling, I don't even know why really, I even told my husband about it! ADORABLE way to announce it!!! How exciting! :D Congrat's!

  3. How exciting you guys! We'll be praying for a healthy baby and good pregnancy. Hugs.
    <3, the Holland's

  4. congratulations to your entire family. what a blessing!