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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Boy…

Micah is a full on walker (finally) and is keeping us busy. I am not sure if he seems more busy because he is a boy or because I am pregnant.

Either way… I’m pooped!

So here are some factuals about…

our boy.

The kid LOVES animals. He gets giddy! Don’t take the boy to Petsmart…. you won’t be able to leave without encountering some major fit throwing.

(The other day we walked through Petsmart on a post- Target run and he was literally kissing the rats (behind the glass). Cue gagging mamma.

He was so excited!)


He get’s especially excited for DOGS!!! They are by far his favorite. “Dog” is pretty much the only word he “actually says” where everyone else can understand it. He makes the “Ro- Ro” sound for “Ruff-Ruff”. We have to be careful because he can love any dog he gets his hand on with over zealous affection. Our poor Abby gets way more “love” (or abuse) than she would prefer.

This is my in-laws German Shepherd puppy, Heidi. Micah was in heaven.  (The Ducklings were also at my in-laws)


The kid has a sweet tooth. And also a major grip! Once he has something he wants… there is NO getting it away short of major prying.

(Here’s a short video of a recent Mommy FAIL… I was sorely mistaken when I thought he could handle a sucker.)

Sticky boy.



He loves movies. Way more than my girls did at this age. He will actually sit and watch a movie. When we get in the car… he instantly motions for the  DVD player to come down and on!

(Here he is … mesmerized)


No one can fault any of my kids for lack of personality. In fact,

I am pretty sure our personality bank is overflowing. Winking smile

When he gets really excited about something he will giggle and put his hand over his face.

(Like when he gets a balloon at Chick-fil-a)


He has a really GREAT laugh!

Here he is looking at me with that…. “Mommy? Do you realize that you just put your drink right in front of me?”… look


“Don’t mind if I do! Thank you, very much!”


On a not so sweet side… our “easy” baby has revealed that he can and will GET MAD! I think he get’s frustrated with his inability to fully communicate what he wants but none the less he has the ability to fit throw with the best of them.

Ok so here I go…. exposing a little of my child’s “weirdness”…. (as well as sinful nature) Winking smile

When he gets mad he bangs his head on things! The walls, doorways, furniture, people…. He’s a head banger. Is there some special group for that? Winking smile 

It’s gotta hurt!

Here is a phone pic of mommy holding him back during a head throwing moment.


The kid ADORES getting dirty!!!! I mean really and truly would be thrilled if I just let him sit in mud all day! Thank goodness Grandmas are ok with allowing dirtiness and also cleaning up said dirtiness. Winking smile


And now…


Micah’s favorite thing in all the world….


He truly has a fond affection for them ,to say the least… some might call it a mild addiction…. others may say… a major obsession. And with two sisters who tend to leave their items in Micah’s reach… well let’s just say clothes, furniture, skin and walls have all fallen victim to Micah’s artistic flair.  He can literally spot a crayon from a great distance. I am pretty much guaranteeing that as I am typing he is walking around with a collection of forbidden writing tools. He will climb to get them. Open drawers. Wiggle under beds and furniture.


Also Micah’s new found hobby….


He started walking and climbing all in one week. So nice. So the bunk bed ladder is always up now, because…yes, he can climb to the top

and the “children’s” chairs in the dining room are up on the table unless being used.

The other day I found him pushing this chair….

(isn’t it cute? One of my antique store finds. Perfect height so my shorties don’t have to be barely eye level with their food.)


anyways… back to the other day…. I found him pushing this chair. And he shoved it all the way over to our window air conditioner, climbed up and began pushing buttons. Devious.



Here he is just this morning… climbing… and oh wait… what is that in his hand?…….. a crayon. No joke!

A few other tidbits about our guy….

  • He can reach the stove knobs and has attempted to asphyxiate us  all with gas fumes.  So knobs are all off… unless being used and closely monitored.  (No more….”hmmm…. honey? do you smell gas?”…. moments)Winking smile


  • He loves buttons ( like the kind on clothing)!!!! (Another glimpse into his “weirdness”) He loves when he gets to  wear button shirts because he promptly pulls up each button and gives it the taste test. His shirt is then soaked.

When daddy comes home… he gives hugs and then Micah is quick to give each of his buttons a taste test. The other day I walked in on him sitting on a pile of laundry chewing on one of Josh’s dress shirts (the buttons of course.) It was like he found the “mother-load.”

  • He loves grapes and mashed potatoes.
  • Not really fond of mac and cheese…. huh!Who’s kid is this!?!?
  • When he’s told “NO!” he acts as though you might have just wounded him forever.
  • The kid is a bottomless pit. He wakes up STARVING and is a snack lover. (All my kids are actually… but when he is hungry….. watch out…. he might eat you! Not really kidding….. he might.)Winking smile
  • He is trying really hard to talk and KNOWS exactly what he is saying. We are still trying to figure out Micah-eeze.
  • He LOVES being outside and there is usually some arching of the back and struggling when we bring him in.

Last weekend helping daddy in the garage… Micah was in HEAVEN! Take him to a park or just let him roam the back yard and you have a very HAPPY boy.

  • He has altered our church going experience… the kid HATES the nursery! We get paged EVERY WEEK! No exaggeration… really…… EVERY WEEK!!! I’m talking like 5-10 minutes after the service starts. I am pretty sure the nursery workers start running when they see us coming. Sad smile (It’s like “Oh NO! Here comes that head banging,  button chewing kid…. pretend the nursery is closed.”Winking smile) I have worked in nursery for…. well my whole life….still do, actually… and yes, I know… we have…. “THAT KID”.  When our girls were little both of them went to the nursery with excitement and when we picked them up… they kind of gave us a look…like… “ Oh, you already…” slightly disappointed that we were there to claim them from play mania. Micah… not-so-much.

  • He loves to cuddle still. Adores being held and hugged. 
  • He loves to give kisses. Lots and lots of kisses.
  • Everything he finds gets a thorough taste test.
  • He HATES getting dressed, undressed or changed. He wants nothing to slow him down.
  • He can be pretty straight faced in unknown situations. 
  • He loves water. Playing in it, that is.
  • He likes to sing. He loves playing with the girls’ microphones.
  • He squeals… high pitched… I think Josh thinks we need to teach him a more manly sound. I don’t know… like…. “uggg”…. or “roar” Winking smile
  • He L-O-V-E-S his sisters!!!!!!!
  • Daddy is his best bud. Wrestling is a favorite… especially bouncing on daddy’s tummy.Winking smile  (or head)

So lots about our Micah. Mostly so I can remember. Because,really…

it is all flying by.

Some of this may last forever… but most of it is only for a moment…..(especially hoping the head banging is just a phaseWinking smile don’t know how that would go over in the work force and adulthood.)



And finally…

He makes me a big puddle of mush…

glub, glub…… yep… mush.


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