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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father’s Day…

For Father’s Day this year Josh’s one wish was to have an uninterrupted weekend to clean out his garage. (Yes, he is weird.) A deep clean/ organizing  of the place where some might park a car has been on his wish list (and mine) for quite sometime. But it needed time(not always at our disposal) and the courage (I was at least scared to tackle the chaos) to brave such a project. Pictures of our garage cleaning may come at a different time. ( We might be nominated for one of those hoarders shows… Sad smile so sad)

Anyways, the garage is on it’s way… and 100 times better than it was on Friday but we still have a huge pile of donations for goodwill. And several other things that need a home or to be “properly disposed of.” (Paints, old electronics and such)

So on Sunday…. before Josh headed out to make more organizing magic… we had breakfast. Paula's French Toast Casserole was made. Josh was pleased (he’s a breakfast man) And a day of organizing began. I went through all our baby/ kid clothes and now have a perfectly organized shelf with beautifully labeled Rubbermaid boxes. Oh the joys! (I have shared my love for containers) Josh set up new shelving, tossed old shelving, swept, cleaned out, labeled, trashed, trashed and trashed again, watched golf (on 3 different screens…. cue slight rolling of the eyes… by meWinking smile) and even made some (very QUICK) sales on craigslist!  Have I mentioned he is superman? AWESOME!


In the evening we headed over to my parents house for a BBQ and a backyard movie night.

There was marshmallow roasting. S’more making. And yummy food tasting. Always fun! (Props to my Aunt B on her Sea Bass… which she caught herself! Yummo!!!)

Yatzee was played.


And then…

Getting ready for some serious classics….

“Pinky and the Brain” and “Leave it to Beaver”

Yep! Family Favs. (Nathan, you would have loved it! Miss you!)


The kids…

Poor Anna and Micah had sore throats and fevers… but still enjoyed the party. Smores have a way of cheering a body up. (As do antibiotics Winking smile)





Ok… so my dad has seriously, a GREAT LAUGH! It’s contagious ,really. I would challenge anyone to be around that laugh and not at least manage a little giggle.

So I love this picture…full gut laughter. Gotta love a grandpa who still rolls for a little “ Pinky and the Brain.”



The GREATEST Dads I know and the little man.  Three of my greatest reasons to smile.

(When I look at our world and sometimes ache for the sadness I see… It truly is such an honor and REFRESHMENT to be in the presence of MEN  who take the job of fathering seriously. MEN who take on the job of caring for their family with pride.What a blessing.)   






Finishing up with a little of the Cleaver family. ( And we may or may not have lit some sparklers we found in our garage cleaning…. shhhh….)

Then after a great night of family…. Josh was back out in that garage… burning the midnight oil.

I think a clean garage might have it’s good points and bad points. Obviously removing chaos is always good. Room for storage… always good. But a clean garage with a computer, TV and tools…. I might not see Josh anymore. Winking smile

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. That is so super cool that your family does that, and how close your kids are with your parents. Those memories in the making will be such incredible treasures later. :)