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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Palm Springs…

We just got back from a long weekend (Friday-Tuesday) in sunny Palm Springs.

It was a bathing suit wearing, relaxing and peaceful weekend.

Play-doh… always a favorite.


Micah’s first chance with the “stuff”…

(“What is this?”) Slightly puzzled.


“Hmmmm….I think…..”                     “I will try a bite…..”                                               “WHAT!!!???!!! Why are you taking it away!?! That was good!”


Swimming…. lot’s of pool time.


Breakfast burrito anyone?


This whole “walking” thing has been a slow process for Micah. He CAN walk. He has. He does. However, he just doesn’t want to. This weekend I would say we saw a considerable jump in the amount of time Micah spent on two legs vs. four. He will get there. It’s just all a matter of when he WANTS to…



And some more pool time. Micah spent the majority of our time in the pool HATING this tube! WANTING NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! He even flipped himself over, into and under the water trying to get out. And then (what was I saying about “wanting to”?) on our last day… he decided that it was a pretty cool ride. He was so relaxed, in fact, he fell asleep. Chillin in the sun.


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