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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce

Our tomato plants this year could best be described as monstrous and out of control! They literally have taken over 90% of our garden and if it weren’t for early harvests of our beets and carrots, I am sure they, too,  would have been choked out by our psycho tomato plants… just as our basil, spinach, cauliflower and peppers were.

My engineer of a husband has gone to extreme lengths to construct support for this BEAST we call a plant. Currently we have everything from tiki-torches, plastic lawn chairs and old gardening tools propping up branches and limbs.  ( I am blaming my mom’s “special” fertilizer for our plant explosion.Winking smile You can ask me what it is… )

Anyways this past week we have been picking tomatoes like they are going out of style and just trying to beat the birds and critters that would rather get to their deliciousness first. But even after giving bundles to family and neighbors we have had endless amounts of these red fruits. (Roma and Early Girl… in case you were wondering) And while I love me a good tomato, there is only so much salad this pregnant girl can consume.


So here I am with somewhere between 8-10 POUNDS of tomatoes… what to do…. what to do….

Well,thanks to the one patch of garden my tomato plant did not overtake, I have parsley…

And thanks to my 99cents only store I have 2 huge basil plants….


with a little help from GOOGLE…

I got this recipe

Fresh Spaghetti Sauce

And went to town…

Tomatoes washed…

Containers Sterilized…

I have HIGH hopes! I see a freezer full of Spaghetti Sauciness. Winking smile


Ingredients ready…


Scoring, Boiling, Shocking and Pealing of tomatoes….

the pealing was actually kind of fun… took me an hour… but was a calming process.

Bekah wanted to help (for about 5 minutes….)



Pealed tomatoes…

And Chopped…

(hmmm….. every step of the process seems to shrink my tomato supply… starting to worry…maybe I didn’t need to sterilize so many containers…)


Getting everything in the pot…

(p.s. see the beauty below… my beautiful Le Creuset… a happy 10 year gift from the hubby)

And thus begins the simmer….


and stir….

and simmer and stir…

and simmer…

and stir…

and stir…

and simmer…

and so on and so on and so on…

From start to finish the whole process took me over….

wait for it….

wait for it…


and even after doubling the recipe…

I got a total of 3 1/2  whole jars!!

(A total of 84 oz.)

Ready for the freezer.

WOW! Kind of anti-climactic. Sad smile

Not exactly what I had originally thought… but from my spoonful taste tests… I will say I am pleased!


I am proud of myself that I put our harvest to good use, that none of it will go to waste and that I made something healthy for my fam…

and Lord knows we are pasta people here in our house, so my special sauce will be enjoyed. 


And guess what… there are still plenty more tomatoes on our plant… in-fact I picked several more as my sauce was stewing…

I’m thinking

Ina's Tomato Soup

for my next tomato recipe…

or maybe I’ll just stick to salads…

Winking smile


  1. Way to go!! Your family will benefit in more ways than one from your hard work : )

  2. ooooo, I want to know the "special" fertilizer secret! :D

  3. Looks yummy! You're amazing...FIVE hours? Hats off to you, my friend!

  4. I'm sure you've made these, but I love chilled herbed tomatoes....maybe my mom can give you her recipe at Amy's shower tomorrow. They are delicious and would be great with home grown ones!!
    Tiffany :)

  5. Perfect timing - I have a tomato explosion going on here too! Thanks for the recipe! :)