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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What’s up doc?

Time for  a little blog catch up….

A week and a half ago…

At 18 weeks…

We went to the doctor and…

We got a chance to see our girl.

Little miss Leah  did NOT hold still at all and was pretty much a constant blur on the screen… but the tech said “all looks healthy and normal.” Sizing just right! Smile


creepy foot…Winking smile


And,yes, it was indeed confirmed that SHE is very much a SHE! Winking smile

And also…

along with the “what’s up doc” theme….

Look what we grew…

YEP! So cool, right!?! Last year we grew carrots that looked more like peach colored crayons…. (used) Sad smile So sad. But this year… we must have the fertilizer mix just right, cause we got some beauties!


Our carrots have made our salads extra yummy and today I used some to make this….

Carrot Cake


I think I am going to make some Mexican Hot Carrots to jar the rest! Smile

In other garden news… (cause you are so interested, right?Winking smile)

Our tomato plants are exploding with juicy redness, we’ve already harvested and gobbled some beautiful beets and the dill and parsley in our garden have been abundant.

Our garage actually smells like dill because I am attempting to dry some…. we’ll see. Smile In the mean time every time I walk into our garage I think of ranch dressing.


  1. So exciting about Leah, and also exciting about an abundant garden!!!

  2. P.S. I like the strainer (we've got the same one! haha)