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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past weekend we went camping with our fellowship group from church….

the kids must think that rolling in the dirt is a requirement while camping. When we got home after 3 1/2 days in nature… we first showered the kids and washed them thoroughly… then, immediately, made them soak in the tub and there was still a ring after all the water drained. Gross!

But dirty kids = happy kids.

Day 1: after being on site for a total of about 3 hours!

Notice disheveled hair and dirty kissers. Winking smile I didn’t fight it. We were just one big dirty mess the ENTIRE TIME!


Our friends brought their two dogs and Micah was FAST friends with them both. He was all over them, showering them with affection…. kisses, hugs and climbing all over them. Thankfully they were willing to amuse him.

Micah… the dog whisperer.



The highlight of the trip for our girls was the 72 hours plus of friends,friends, friends. They were constantly on the go always with a buddy by their side.





We came home Sunday and on Monday morning when Anna climbed up in bed with me she said… “I wish we were waking up to say ‘good morning’ to our friends today and still camping.”

Mommy was thinking… “Thank you Jesus for my soft bed… and please, Lord let Anna go back to sleep for a bit !” Winking smile


Slight difference in perspective. Winking smile

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