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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting all sorts of artsy!

This past weekend Josh and I made our own piece of art…

I don’t really know what to call it… a headboard? artwork? a wall-hanging? recycling?

Anyways… you see the finished product and decide.


We like it!




The specifics…

1. We took some old boards from our recent garage clean out and room renos and found pieces that we saw “potential” in. (5 to be exact)

2. Then Josh sawed, de-nailed and sanded said pieces…

3. Then he braced and nailed them (according to his wife’s specifications) all together.

4. Once the boards were nailed together he gave them a light coating of white paint. (Ultra Bright White…. Behr….. it’s what we had)

5. Then we let it dry.

6. Then the boards got another sanding.

7. Then…. (this is the part where I finally put my efforts to work) I printed out the font I wanted and made my “saying” and then cut them out on contact paper.  (This is a moment where I was regretting my recent selling of my CRICUT…. oh well… Sad smile)

8. At first I thought I would stencil my letters…. but that was a FAIL and thankfully plan B worked. I traced my letters and then went and painted them in.

8. Once the letters were dry…. we sanded again… lightly sanding over the letters.

9. And the final creative step….. my new best friend….. BRIWAX! (Love that stuff) I gave the boards a good coating of the magic.

10. And finally it was back to Josh… to figure out how to properly secure this beast to the wall so that we don’t have 40 pounds crashing on our heads one terrible night.

and… TA-DA!

There you have it…. “Art” by…

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson.




And just in case you were wondering…. Total cost for this project… ZERO! Gotta love it!

Pictures taken with my iphone.


  1. i love this! my husband is making our headboard out or recycled wood but I never thought about adding some cute words. I love the Mr. and Mrs!!!! Cute!

  2. Love this! I may be robbing your words. Keep the updates coming! Miss you.

  3. I love it! Saw this at TT&J! Great job!

  4. It turned out SO great. I love it!!

    I featured it on my TT&J facebook page :)


  5. Saw this featured on tt&j LOVE it!!!!!! Totally pinning this!

  6. This is great! Just saw on tatertots post :) Even better is was 0$!

  7. Saw this on Pinterest & finally found my way back to the original post. Very well done! You have a beautiful family!