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Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting the facts straight….

Ok so here’s a conversation for the books…


Mommy-  “Anna, do you need to go potty?”

Anna- “ No, I just got a wooshie cushion.”

Mommy- “ A “wooshie cushion”?!?!? You mean a “wedgie”? ( Said with a slightly caught off guard chuckle.)

Anna- “Yah, a wooshie.”

Bekah- “ She means a whoopee cushion!” ( Then turns to look at her sister) “Anna!!! A whoopee cushion means you have to toot!” ( Laughing uncontrollably.)

Mommy- “ No it doesn’t!!! That doesn’t meant that! A whoopee cushion is something you sit on!” (laughing too) “ Why are we having this conversation!?!? This isn’t very lady like.”

Laughter and giggles are had by all.

Just a normal day at home. Always lessons being learned. Winking smile

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