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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Dresser Re-do…

We are in the middle of some “changes”… trying to make room for our Leah girl to arrive.

( Changes? Another post…another time)

One of the things we need is more clothing space…

Josh and I found this dresser at a local thrift/ antique store and spent 30 dollars for it and it’s matching nightstand. (Maybe pictures of nightstand also at another time… blame laziness.)

It’s appeal? It’s narrowness… we need something skinny but still with space. (Modern furniture is SO bulky! Not made for my 1955 house.) It had 8 drawers! It was kinda funky. Pretty darn cheap. And when I saw it… I instantly thought of what I could make it.  And as a side note…I liked the knobs… which I didn’t end up using on the actual dresser, but I have plans for them.

It’s negatives… I am pretty sure it was used as an ash tray for 40 plus years!IT STUNK! It’s color came from, mostly from exposure to second hand smoke.


Second hand smoke kills furniture, people!



So first things first…. Baking soda and dryer sheets! Like…. LOTS!!!!! I poured baking soda in the drawers and lined them with dryer sheets and set this baby out in the sun for several days to bake (at least most of) it’s odor away.


And then on a HOT July day… I got my sanding/ painting/ staining attire on, had my honey rig up a space of shade and extensions chords... and began sanding the HECK outa this thing and it’s little nightstand buddy.

I didn’t leave an inch un- blasted!

Sanding also helped kill lingering odors…


Bekah was my partner in upcycling.


My arms were sooooo sore when I went to bed that night. I think I whined quite a bit about “my shoulders, my back, my legs, my neck, my arms, my fingers, my feet…..” ( you get the picture….Winking smile )

After sanding and wiping clean… I got out some aggression and literally beat it with random items… screwdrivers, bolts hung on twine, keys…. whatever worked to make a ding or scratch. 


I painted it a very sloppy coat of white… and let it dry…. (mostly Winking smile……………………… patience is not my strongest virtue.) Then I painted it a very sloppy coat of mustard yellow…. and let that dry…

and then smothered it with the MAGIC that is

Briwax Central BR-1-DB Paste Wax 1lb - Dark Brown

(I used the Dark Brown)


I am not kidding… when I was done with the first coat, I wandered around looking for other things I could brown up with this stuff!


Here is the dresser after the first day and first coat of Briwax.


After hemming and hawing and thinking… I decided to go a little darker and so I  sanded (lightly this time…. actually truth be told… Josh sanded it ,for the most part, this time…. I was having post traumatic stress thinking about my aching arms and back after the last sanding) and gave it one more coating of Briwax.

And TA-DA!

Here is my final product.

I will maybe post more pictures with it in it’s final spot and with some do-das on top. But I must say I am pleased, genuinely pleased.

It’s the right size, the right shade, price and It’s me.


So there you have it… furniture upcycling by yours truly.

Hmmmm…. now what else can I Briwax? Winking smile


  1. Wow! VERY VERY cool! GREAT job! Very PB :)

  2. looks great! I've been wanting to get a new dresser for the girls but haven't found one I want to spend money on yet. You got a great deal!

  3. Great job, Em! Can't wait to see the end results of your whole project! =)

  4. It does look great. I have about 5 pieces of furniture that need serious help right now. I need to get on them before winter rears its ugly head!