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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer so far…

My friend Shanna recently did a blog post with all her cell phone pictures and it inspired me. Thank goodness for the iPhone camera in those “just gotta get a picture” moments! I have a collection of memories within my “camera roll.”

So here is what our Summer has looked like so far… brought to you by the iPhone…

Knott’s Berry Farm with cousins and Grandpa and Grammy Nelson…

Such a fun day! Cousins always up the fun-level!


On a “mommy date” with Bekah she spotted these shoes at Nordstrom Rack and thought they were just the “coolest shoes ever!” I on the other hand thought they were the most ridiculous CHILDREN’S SHOES I had ever seen! Come on! I have anti- “kids”- wearing- high- heels- views. They are little for such a short time… why rush them by putting them in adult styles? Right? And not to mention… DANGEROUS! Winking smileNot exactly play ground safe. Needless to say, we took a picture and they went back on the shelf. I see fashion battles in my future… but I guess if shoe “rebellion” is as far as she goes then I am doing ok. Winking smile


This summer:

Our backyard/ kiddie pool has seen lots of action! (Mommy may or may not have par-took in the kiddie pool… no pictures of that…. you are thankfulWinking smile)


Micah would prefer our house and yard to be “clothing optional” all the time… Winking smile

We got Micah this awesome pirate water table for his birthday and it has been permanently set up in the back yard. He loves it! However, he doesn’t realize it is more a splash kinda water play center… he sees it as a pool. Every time there is water in it… so is he!


Micah is averaging 2 baths a day… most days he is pushing the 3 and 4 baths mark. Why? Cause he looks like this…. ALWAYS!

ummm…. do most people consider DIRT a snack? Micah seems to enjoy it on a regular basis.


Josh’s grandparents moved from their long-time home this Summer and we were able to get the hand-me-down of some of their patio furniture.There are many memories of parties and events where family and friends were gathered around on these chairs and at these tables…

With a “few” years (or more like decades) of use… we did a little updating, sanding, re-screwing, wood and cushion replacing and painting… and they should serve our family for years to come….

Here are the after photos… ( should have gotten befores…)


I don’t know if you can see Micah’s puffy lip in this picture… it continued to swell throughout the day…

That’s what happens when a door is swung open into your face. Smile


Micah was introduced to “Vanilla Steamers” this Summer. Oh boy …. what did we start!? We can’t go into a Starbucks or Target  without him pointing to the coffee counter and saying “ Mo-Mo-Mo” (that’s “more”)


Summer means: Park playdates with friends….

(Irvine Regional)


Summer means: Tired boy taking long naps….

in which Micah may or maynot wake up fully clothed. Winking smile


Summer means VBS!!!! My kids had a blast! (Thanks to my friend Nancy for these photos!)

I worked in Micah’s class. I was hoping it would help him on Sundays and his “nursery issues” I don’t know if it worked. Winking smile But we had a great time seeing puppets, playing on the playground, with bubbles, waterplay, singing songs, going in with the big kids for worship time and of course learning about JESUS!

(Can I also tell you that I was SOOOOOO tired after each day…. working with my one 17 month old is work… let alone 10 in that age range! I was a blob of mush when I came home. Winking smile Thank the Lord for the experience of working with other Christian women and loving little ones for THE KINGDOM! Tiredness well worth it.)

Micah ADORED the puppets!



Our church puts on quite a production for VBS… the preschoolers have their own program, the 1st-4th graders have their own program and then the 5th and 6th graders have another program .  We have to use 2 campuses to their fullest to accommodate all the kids and events! So FUN! My girls were in heaven with all the activities, music, crafts, games, water, lessons and learning more about our SAVIOR!

I can’t believe I went the whole week without getting a picture of my girls…. Sad smile Well…. just know… they LOVED IT!

More Summer 2011 pictures and fun to come!

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