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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What are sisters for?

We’ve been working on some house stuff.

  When I say “some” I mean pretty much every spare minute we have lately has been devoted to something home related.

Today I roped my sister into the home “sprucing up” madness. I took full advantage of her one day off a week and also her degree in art and gave her the task of painting a tree above Leah’s crib. She did not disappoint!

She worked all day!

( I did give her a bathroom break around 3:00.Winking smile (And I allowed her to eat lunch.) Winking smile)

Really though she was a very task oriented lady and worked on it from morning til evening….. standing. My back was aching just watching. (Cause that was all I was doing…. watching.Winking smile)

I will say that I helped…. for a total of 5 minutes before I realized this was an artistic task better left to the expert and more importantly someone with more patience than me. Winking smile

I knew by the end of the day that Josh would have had the task of repainting the wall this evening if I had been the “artist” in charge. He is not doing any painting tonight and is a happy man.

Cause I can say….


So… Thanks, Donna, for for a beautiful piece of art! (and also putting up with your sister’s craziness.)

You are one amazing aunt and definitely an incredible sister!




P. S. We are still deciding if it needs a bird….

P.S.S. …. and if it is decided that it does….

…..Donna will be taking care of any critter making as well. Winking smile

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