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Monday, September 5, 2011

Camp Nelson 2011

Remember this…

Camp Nelson 2010?

Well our girls have been reminding us all Summer of our suggestion (or in their words “promise” ) to make it an annual tradition. It has been a regular topic brought up throughout the year. And there literally has not been a summer weekend when we haven’t been asked… “When are we going to camp out in the backyard?”

So this weekend was it… time for our 2nd annual Camp Nelson.

Take a look at that California sunset!

And also notice Anna’s outfit…

What?!? You don’t camp in a dress and sparkly Minnie high heels (that light up)?Winking smile



Micah opted for a much less dressy outfit. Winking smile


Our Rebekah Kate… getting so grown up.


Top Ramen fireside…. authentic camping! Smile






Anna did change her outfit but still decided it was appropriate to accessorize with some shoe style!


And no campout is complete without the greatest sandwich ever invented…. S’mores!


And then it was off to beddy-bye…

Micah to his crib… Mommy to her Cal King… and Daddy and girls to their sleeping bags.

My kind of camping! Winking smile

This humid, humid weekend also brought thunder, lightning and showers…. so at about 4 a.m. camp was moved indoors. Winking smile

A real “adventure” as my girls called it this morning….

…. as we drove to pick up Starbucks and doughnuts. Winking smile

Once again… my kind of camping.

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  1. If we ever have a back yard big enough and kids still young enough to enjoy, we are SO gonna steal this idea! ;)