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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daddy’s Birthday…

{Thank you Instagram for the photos!}


Yesterday  we spent a good portion of the day at Disneyland.

It was hot, humid, hot, humid, pretty much crowd free and lots of fun! Did I mention hot and humid? My kids were in heaven having their daddy at their side and thanks to the lack of crowds we were able to do several things twice! No lines for the most part.


Here’s what it looked like…

1. Enthralled on the new Little Mermaid ride.  ( Which we rode twice. )

2. Jumping, dancing and collecting streamers in the Disney Junior Show.


3. Micah was in awe of the Disney Junior show. He stood still for a good portion of the show with his mouth wide open. Then the bubbles came out and he was all over the theater trying to catch them.


4.& 5. Daddy was loved on all day. (The kids wanted to make sure Daddy knew that he was extra loved on his birthday!)Winking smile  I love that picture of Anna fully watching the show as she held onto Josh’s ears. 


6. More Disney Junior fun!  P.S. Bekah went on Tower of Terror for the first time and came off without tears but was fully resolved in saying that she “did NOT enjoy it! “ and would only go on it again if … “Grandpa wanted to go….”Winking smile

7. Micah getting his silhouette cut… the girls had theirs done too around his age.


8. 9. & 10.  Girls having a good day and full of smiles. Smile



11.  Anna helping mommy with our little tornado at Goofy’s House. Trying to keep up with that guy…. oy!

(Side note: I literally had to DRAG him off of Buzz Lightyear kicking and screaming because he was so upset about having to leave the gun on the ride. They had to stop the ride! Yep! It was one of those crawl under a rock mothering moments….Winking smile)

12. Picture of the baby bump. Mommy’s rump and bump were more than happy to find a bench in the shade where I promptly put my puffy feet up on the diaper bag and watched my family enjoy the day. (Even through the heat and sweat there were plenty of smiles.Winking smile)


13. Micah loved Goofy’s house! He was dripping with sweat and still not stopping. Any chance to run, run, run.  Where do they get the energy?

14. Our day ended with stopping at the grocery store for a few (out of the ordinary) treats, coming home to yummy fish tacos, left over ribs, a movie, a little foot soaking (ok a lot)… (even Josh soaked his feetsies) Winking smile, air conditioning…. (oh glorious ac), and my new favorite ice cream! Have you tried this stuff!?!?!?! It has chocolate covered potato chips in it and SALTED CARMEL!?! Hello! Can you say … “made in this pregnant woman’s dreams!”Smile Ben and Jerry you know the way to my heart! Josh had to pry the container out of my hands… so good! Winking smile



So there you have it…

A good day celebrating our favorite man.

Happy birthday Daddy!  

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