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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day & Legos…

Our weekend has been pretty full…

Like I’ve mentioned, we have been in home rearrange, renovate and redecorate mode this summer. And so with the summer coming to an end and the start of our school year being upon us we have been in hyper-drive making the final push to JUST get things done! We have been cleaning up,putting on a lot of finishing touches and doing several of the final items on that long summer-to-do-list.

(Which for some reason only continues to grow…. Sad smile)

In addition to that… we had a birthday gathering for a cousin, church, a little back to school shopping, a Sam’s club run and obviously a campout! Smile

Amazing how fast a 3 day weekend flies by when every second is filled…

Today we had a great family bbq ( I’m in that food tastes oh-so-amazing stage of pregnancy and the food was just that… amazing!) and mini-celebration for Josh’s 33rd birthday ( tomorrow) at my parents.

We even did some organizing over there…

My mom has scored some incredible garage sale bargains in her time but this is one of the top finds…. A HUGE 50 GALLON CONTAINER OF LEGOS! ( There was a transformer and a few other pieces that found their way in there as well.)

But get this… the price….

$20 bucks for the whole thing!

I am pretty sure that there was over $1000.00 originally spent on this collection. 

And I am also sure I’ve made at least one Lego lover jealous. Winking smile


So, today… our afternoon activity…


It was actually kind of therapeutic. We drug the big bin out to the picnic table, got our cold beverages ready and began to sort through the masses…

Even my girls got in on the action. Bekah especially enjoyed this family activity and they both loved finding all the “special pieces.”


Legos seem to hold memories for us all… whether it was actually playing with them or the joys of watching others we love play with them. Both Josh and my brother-in-law were “Lego guys” and I know for sure my, brother was!


Below: A shot of our partially organized lute.

And believe it or not there were still gallons to sort through… Crazy!


In the middle of eating and sorting and talking….. and doing nothing… there was also some swimming! Trying to beat this sticky heat! Yuck!


Anyways… that was our Labor Day… morning thunderstorms, a little back to school shopping, time with family,  Legos, swimming, plenty of good eats, a little “Happy Birthday” singing, present opening, quite a lot of heat, and of course…. good times. Smile

In whatever form they come…. I am a HUGE fan of 3 day weekends! Smile

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