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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh what a weekend!

I mentioned in the last post that Josh and I spent this past weekend in the lap of luxury. Here is a little photo recap of the weekend. You will notice a general theme of good eats throughout our pictures…

relaxing, eating, a little Christmas shopping, of course getting a glimpse of our precious baby, pampering and just being together.

Celebrating each others birthdays and our 10 year anniversary in style….





In case you are interested in a few of the places we dined…


The best cedar planked salmon and shrimp stuffed mushrooms!

Wild Fish

UMMMMM…. quite possibly the best steak I have ever tasted…


oh soooooo good…. for both places!


Meanwhile… Grandpa and Grandma took the kiddos on a getaway weekend of their very own.

The Disneyland Hotel!

We got texts of their fun all weekend…. and good times were abundant. Smile



On Sunday… we met up for breakfast with the kids and my parents at Goofy’s Kitchen.

Breakfast with characters…  Micah all over it! LOVED IT! Could not eat because he was so interested in “catching” a Disney friend.

Rebekah? In heaven! Dancing and conversing with all the characters.

Anna…..???? TERRIFIED!!!!!

That is until Snow White came out to greet  her and give her some personal attention.

(Also… middle picture second row? Here’s a little guessing game…. which one of us is Baloo the bear? I am seeing strong similarities between myself and himWinking smile. 32 weeks friends! 32 weeks! )





Then after we said a HUGE “thank you” to Grandpa and Grandma for an unforgettable weekend… (and allowed them to resume a diaper free lifeWinking smile)….

we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL day and took a good ol’ fashioned Sunday drive along the coast.

We stopped at the Shake Shack in Crystal Cove for an afternoon snack… sharing malts, fries and clam chowder. Winking smile

And it was pretty obvious that the kids were pretty beat from their weekend of non-stop fun as it took about 10 minutes for two of them to pass out.

Rebekah’s way of dealing with exhaustion? Talking non-stop!!!!

Which she did.



What a great weekend!

Thank you Dad and Mom, for showering us with love, affection and such a special treat! You are incredible!

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  1. Wow! How seriously blessed you are having parents (AND the kids having GRANDPARENTS) such as the ones you have! What a fun memory for all of you!