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Sunday, November 20, 2011

She rode a… What!?!

How many people get to say that they rode a Zamboni at a NHL game?!? Not a ton, I’m assuming. However…


… our Rebekah can!

Back a couple of weeks ago when Josh was in Memphis…

looking like this… ( on Elvis’s plane…)


and touring places like this… (Graceland…. just in case you were wondering)


Oh… and eating BBQ…..

and…. of course, working. Winking smile….


My parents took the girls to a Ducks hockey game! ( I believe this was their first time at a hockey game.)

 And our Rebekah… actually… got to be one of the lucky ones chosen to ride the Zamboni between periods!

Josh, I know was dying that he was not there to see her in person.  I was too! We were texting up a storm, back and forth with each other and with my dad. She is really such a brave kid! She did so well with her parade wave and even in the video you can tell she is a bit nervous but she kept a strong smile on her face and kept that hand a-wavin… the entire ride! So cool! She was pretty proud of herself! We were too! Mighty proud!  She went out there all by herself, was on the jumbo screen, had her name announced and waved to thousands! And now she is part of a special club of Zamboni riders! Smile

She talked about it for days! Still talks about it!

I’m pretty sure it’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing!

Bekah about to go on the ice…

Thank God, for a Grandpa who is assuring, encouraging and cheering her on.  My dad has always been good at the inspiring pep talks. Smile 


Bekah on the ice!

Such a big girl! Notice her “interview” with “Duck TV”! This girl is up for anything!



What a cool night! Something our little Miss will not soon forget! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a great adventure! Smile

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