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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pregnancy oddities…

I find it interesting how all of my pregnancies have had their similarities and also stark contrasts. With each pregnancy I have had my cravings, my aversions, my moods, my aches, pains, fears, hopes,ups, downs, and  of course, joys…

Here are just a few of the simple things I remember from carrying my babes…

There are other things I remember, that I will carry in my heart and share with each child.  No blog post could do the many thoughts of those months justice…


So here are just a few weird little things…


-With all my babies… I have carried STRAIGHT OUT! I am told ALL the time  how it looks like I’m carrying a basketball, then a bowling ball… and then…………. what’s bigger than a bowling ball?Winking smile  A baby?

-All my babies are born with-in days or 2 weeks of a major holiday and all of their birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day are within a 3 month time block…. the time of the year that Josh and I refer to as the time when… “THERE IS NO MONEY!”Winking smile

- I have had PUPPS with each one. ( and no it has nothing to do with dogs…)Winking smile


Pregnancy with Rebekah…

- craved… cold fruit!Like peaches, oranges, tangerines, apricots.

- I literally LOST my guts at the mere sight of or even mention of… Ketchup. A bottle of it on the table would turn me green.

- Actually a lot of things turned me green during those 9 months. I tease that being pregnant with Bekah was my most efficient diet plan. Winking smile 


Pregnancy with Anna…

- craved… MEAT!!!! Oh I just remember thinking that nothing tasted better than an Island’s Mushroom Swiss Burger!

- I wasn’t nearly as sick with Anna… and my weight gain proved it. Winking smile Ha! I WAS however, extremely tired… I remember laying down on Bekah’s bedroom floor so that I could play with her and doze off at the same time.

- Anna was this winner for PUPPS! OH MAN I WAS MISERABLE!


Pregnancy with Micah-

- I think I ate my weight in granola bars… and craved Taco Bell tostadas.

- Was pretty sick with Micah.. til about 14 weeks. 

- When I was pregnant with him I had a major love of spicy! Especially, I loved buffalo sauce! I was dipping everything in Chick-fil-a Buffalo Sauce! Smile

- With Micah (and all my pregnancies) I have had a LOVE for the smell of… beer, wine, and coffee. I find myself standing in the coffee aisle of the grocery store just taking in deep breathes. And if anyone has a glass of wine or a beer when in my prescence… they may hear the awkward question from me…. “Can I smell that?”…. weird? I know. 


And with Leah:

- Since I am still… well… actually… carrying her… everything is very fresh in my mind…

- I was pretty sick with this little one. I had a hard time shaking the nausea and throwing up til about 20 weeks. Sad smile

- PUPPS came to visit me yet again during this pregnancy… and Leah was the winner as far as week for PUPPS to arrive…. 25 weeks…. pleasant.

- Cravings?….  All things lemon, citrus… for flavor and scent! Yumm….


I have NEVER liked this stuff til now. And now… I devour it by the package full. I love the salt… oh so yummm….Smile

(p.s. Josh can’t stand it!He actually looks slightly ill when watching me eat it. Sorry babe. )


Earlier in my pregnancy… I was craving chili cheese fries, turkey dogs, chocolate milk…iced, anything sweet and salty… and steak. (Thank God for a hubby who indulges my weird little cravings.)

And as far as smells….

I can not get enough of…. wait for it…..wait for it…



Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes

I know!!!!! Call me a freak! I agree! But I love the smell of Lysol, Clorox, Windex…. just good old clean, chemically…. goodness! Winking smile


I don’t know if characteristics of pregnancy reflect the characteristic of the child but each of mine have had their specific identity and each has burned impressions on my heart and mind that continue to shape me.

And while I can’t say that I am the most pleasant and joyful pregnant lady to have ever lived (you will NOT see me modeling in chiffon, standing in a field, peacefully looking at my belly… and getting my picture taken… sorry just not my thing.)…. I can say that my heart overflows with gratitude for the months I have held my precious babes within me.


And with all that being said……


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