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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Around our little green house…

A little iPhone camera catch up… just to show you what life has been like around our little green house.

Today is Sunday, November 20th.

And no Leah bug yet. I am extremely READY for her arrival. Soon… very soon. If she doesn’t come on her own… Wednesday is D day.

So as we wait…


1. Micah and Anna have been kind of buddy-ing up lately. He often has NO clue that he is playing a key role in her pretending…. but he goes along with it. She calls him “honey”, “sir”, “son” or “baby”… and he just smiles and enjoys the being included.

2. The easiest pie ever made.

Three Berry Pie

3. Micah continues to develop his skills in the filth department.


4. The hazards of “patch time”… Rebekah wears an eye patch for 2 hours a day… while the patch is on she is…. well… kind of….. blind. And this is what happened when she tried to jump up to get a cup out of the cupboard. she couldn’t see the door and POW! the corner of the door punctured her head! We had a mild panic moment as the blood from this small wound POURED down her face and when she pulled her hand away from it… and saw her hand covered in blood. What is with head wounds and the massive bleeding that takes place? Happy to report… her head is fully healed and her eye-sight is on it’s way to improving.


5.,6.,7.,8. Last month Josh had a business trip to Memphis. We won’t discuss the emotional mess his wife was during said trip.Winking smile I’m sure you can all understand my slight distress when you think of how hard it is when you….

LOVE BBQ as much as I do. I mean MEMPHIS!?!?!? I would have thoroughly enjoyed me some Memphis style eats! Winking smile 

Anyways when he returned we were all very excited to see him. Bekah even cried tears of joy and held onto her daddy for quite some time. We don’t do well without our Superman here.

So when he came home we took a peaceful drive along the coast and stop at SHWACK in Dana Point. Very yum.


9.,10. Then we picked up mini-ice cream cones at Trader Joes and went to the park. And I was especially glad daddy was home when it came to cleaning up this chocolate face and dirty diaper! Smile What a guy!


11.,12. I am sure I have shown you more pictures than you care to see of our son playing in the dirt…. but truly…. it’s his happy place. Shhh…. Christmas may or may not bring this little man a Sand Box….Winking smile


13.,14.,15.,16. Below… this is what we look like when we are hit with food poisoning! OH SO GROSS!!!!! Our family has never experienced a complete wipe out like this and I pray we never will again. We had dinner here around 6… at 12:30 exactly we had a little boy throwing up, at 12:35 Bekah was joining him…. Anna kept it down til 1:00 and by 2:00 Daddy and Mommy were joining the party! Oh MY WORD!!!! You know Micah is sick when he is…. well…. still. You know Bekah is sick when she refuses to let any pictures of her be taken. Anna just cried ALL DAY (I’m not exaggerating!) And you know that Superman is sick when he actually lays down in the middle of the day. This man stops for nothing and he was out!  So… in case you were wondering… we will never eat…. there… again!


17. Such a sad sight… Nelsons sprawled out on the living room floor…. Sad smile


18. Micah and his cowboy boots.

19. Getting ready for Leah, bringing out all the gear. Micah has enjoyed revisiting it all.

20. Making caramel apples with Grandma. Thank you Lord, for my mom who takes the girls to spice up their days and shower them with love. Especially, when mommy is feeling like a beached whale with a serious case of indigestion.


21.,22. We recently purchased bean bags for the girls… Something I have always HATED! But really they are so useful… we use them for school everyday! It keeps them off the couch. (Mommy’s place Winking smile) And it gives them a special cozy place to read, take rest time and watch movies.

Micah?…. he obviously enjoys the dog bed.



So that’s us. That’s what is going on in our little green house…

a big week ahead! Stay tuned!

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  1. Haha... I LOVE the diaper change pic in the park and the picture of Micah in the dogs bed! Oh what do I have coming in my future w/Jason?! lol The girls are as beautiful as always.