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Monday, January 2, 2012


Per the suggestion of my sister ( the woman who took these pictures) I am posting a photo sampling of what it takes to get a picture of all of us these days…

 Picnik collage 4

Picnik collage2

… and truly this is just a “sampling.” This is 7 of at least 20 photos gone awry. There was scowling faces, fits, screams, hair static issues, bribing, wardrobe “malfunctions,” kids and parents all around not looking at the camera, baby cries, laughing uncontrollably, scolding of children, wrestling of Micah… all just for a “good picture.”

oh well… “picture perfect” is starting to take on a new meaning for me….

So there you have it, Donna. Smile Thanks for being willing to take a picture of our craziness.

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