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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Sunday Morning… Micah… head update…

Micah and Leah are fighting colds and so Josh and I are home with our two littlest ones this morning. The older girls hitched a ride with Grandpa and Grandma to church. While cleaning up Micah’s room I thought I would bust out the camera and get a few shots of our “bruiser.” Seriously, this kid looks like he has lived through a battle. Notice the slightly black eye and fat lip? He is so quick and can’t be left alone for a second these days….


To illustrate…

Here’s a little update on Micah’s head trauma saga…

Monday afternoon…1:30 ish… Micah slices his head open… thus our DAY in the emergency room. It was crowded. We waited 4 hours. The PA convinces us that Derma bond would be the best option for his cut ( against my urging her to do stitches because he is so active and a “head banger”.) We do the dermabond and leave with 7 steri-strips holding his wound shut.

Monday evening …5:30ish… we go pick up the girls from my parents, have dinner and put the very, very tired boy to bed… We check on him periodically throughout the night.

Tuesday Morning…. 4:00 am- ish… we awake to Micah crying… Josh goes into his room and I hear Josh in a very FRUSTRATED tone say… “YEP! He ripped it off! And it’s opening back up.” … We change Micah and Josh takes him back to the ER. This time there is no wait. Better experience. However, the doctor now tells us that it is too late to stitch the cut and that if we did stitches he would have to cut off the rest of the Dermabond, thus creating more of a wound/scar and causing trauma for Micah. He suggests we now let the wound heal as is, and yes, there will be a bigger scar. (I won’t go into my anger with the aforementioned PA who assured us that Dermabond was “best.” Grrr…..)

Tuesday afternoon… 4:30 pm-ish… Micah awakes from his nap. I was making dinner and had something on the stove. I asked Bekah to go be with her brother for just a second to make sure he doesn’t pick at his “owie” until I could get there to get him. Bekah goes to his room, and comes out and says… “ummm…. he has something…. I think it’s blood ?all over his face.” I respond… “Blood?!?! Are you sure?” She says… “Well, it’s kind of brown….” (At that point a whole other option comes to my mind Winking smile…. ) I say out loud… “Dear Lord, help me?” and enter Micah’s room to find…




Thankfully Josh walked in the door as I was picking Micah up. (Good timing, Daddy) Yes, Micah had proceeded to pick off the rest of the Dermabond and pick at his cut! So we cleaned him up and have since seen the doctor. Who, by-the-way…. says that she has never seen a kid be able to get the Dermabond off. Well, NOW she has!

All the guys in my life assure me that every boy needs a scar of some sort… Sad smile

So this week we have been inside a lot because we all know how dirty this little man can get… and bathing has been forbidden and to be honest I have been on pins and needles not wanting him to bust the thing open again.

Back to this morning…

So I thought I would get some pictures of “the face.”

Notice the slightly black eye?

…that was a shopping cart injury while running an errand with daddy.The bump on the lip came from missing a step and taking a tumble… oh, and his hair is basically shaved because he put one of those sticky squares that you use to hang pictures up in his hair and we had to cut it out.

Are you tired from reading all that? I’m tired. Let’s just say Mommy says “Thank you Lord!” everyday when this little crazy person takes a nap. Winking smile

Look at that face… doesn’t it just scream “mischief” and "mayhem”?





He was loving playing “peek-a-boo” in his closet and thoroughly soaking up the undivided attention. What a ham.





  1. Oh, Emily, this brings back memories of Tyler at that age. He's cut himself in more places than I can count. Yes, boys need to have "war wounds" but it's pretty stressful on mom. At least he hasn't broken anything, right?

  2. Oh the adventure!!! :) So glad he's ok!