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Friday, February 10, 2012


The last couple of weeks have been good. Mostly quiet days around home with a few outings here and there.

This little man… EVERY MORNING… EVERY DAY… we go into his room to find him de-robed and smiling ear to ear. If he could be in the buff always…he would be a very happy boy.  Funny? Yes. However it is getting old to change his sheets EVERY DAY (sometimes even for nap time too) because of wet bedding. We thought we had a solution… ONSIES! Believe me finding onsies that would fit this guy were no easy task,  but I found some and we thought we had out smarted him. WRONG! He can get those off too. Josh has attempted duct taping him in his pajamas. Ummmm…. yeah, got that off too.


Our schooling has been going really well lately! I am so thankful for this. After a “baby-break” it was taking me a while to get us back in “gear” but we are starting to get our “groove back” which is a huge praise.


Time at the park… 




My sister works for a certain “happiest place on earth” … and graciously offered to sign us in for a day this past week as well as graciously offered her auntie Donna services in helping me out. We had a great time. Made me miss our passes, but COMPLETELY confirmed that we made the right choice in taking a break from our Disney days… there is NO WAY I could do Disney with all four by myself… at least at this stage in our life. Maybe one day. Thanks Donna for a day of Disney fun!


Oh, how my girls love to craft. Oh, how I wish I had the energy to have something for them to do as often as they would like. They were thrilled to have free license to create Valentine’s Day cards, boxes and gifts. They were quite the quiet little artists.


This little face brings a smile to my face.


Lots of goodness around here. So much to cherish.

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