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Friday, March 2, 2012

And then… she was EIGHT!


It happened in the blink of an eye…

On Monday… our Rebekah turned 8!

She had a weekend of being loved on, indulged and treated like royalty.

Friday night… she went with her sister and Grandpa and Grandma to a fancy hotel… for swimming, a fancy dinner, a little shopping…. basically getting spoiled.

Saturday… after getting home from her night away…she got to celebrate with her cousins and the Nelson side for a February birthdays get together. 


And on Sunday….

she had a very big moment!

This year Josh and I asked Rebekah if she would want to get her ears pierced… to which she responded with an emphatic “YES!!!!!”

So after church on Sunday we went to “Claire’s” …

she was a bit nervous… but certain that she wanted to go through with it.


see… a little nervous. Winking smile


And then this shows a little bit about our “tough girl”… this is how she took the pain….

closed her eyes….1,2,3….


and…. that’s it! She didn’t wince. Didn’t cringe or cry or even say a word. Just looked wide eyed straight forward and braced for the second pinch.


Then she said… “ummm… owe…. that kind of hurt.” and SMILED!!!!




This picture says…. “I WILL NOT CRY!”Winking smile


Then we went over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for pizza and a few presents.



… a new bike!!!!!


I love this picture! Anna was so excited for Rebekah to get this. She kept this secret for a whole 2 weeks and was DYING to tell her! When the secret was finally revealed…. I think she was giddy with relief that she didn’t have to hold it in any longer. I love that she is squeezing her sister tight and squealing with just as much delight!


How did those 8 years just rocket by!?


Happy birthday Rebekah Kate!


On her actual birthday… Bekah had a check up… she’s healthy and thriving!  A lunch date with Daddy to chick-fil-a , a movie rental and dinner at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants. 

Rebekah Kate… you are a joy to celebrate, a delight to watch grow and a miraculous gift from your Creator!

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  1. I will make a comment. Bekah is full of the Spirit of the Lord. Acts of bravery start with this and lead to history changing events of bravery in the future. She is destined to demonstrate God's glory in the days ahead. Not just a proud grandpa saying these things, but a sure and certain discerning Christian who sees a character God is developing for devil behind kicking.